It was a rather long drawn-out day working under sinks, patching walls and rewiring light fixtures but cry out I dare not. What’s to complain about  when work is required and I’m the right man for the job. Nevertheless, the body speaks aloud when at its most vulnerable. This is the quiet moments just before falling asleep, a time most often took for granted by reviewing the stressors of the day or the fears of tomorrow. This delicate transition is when the mind slips from conscious meditation, to that of the beautiful restlessness within the subconscious. Here’s where my vision began and here, is where I’ll tell the story as I laid upon hearing the final word.

Pain, pain and even more pain screams from the neck of my body, so loud it awakens and grabs the attention of the soles of my feet, restless as they are kicking and moving about under the covers of night. What are you yelping about up there? Is it not I who takes the weight of whole and bears the burden of this temple? Why do you speak in such a manner? The neck swiftly answers. You are beneath but yet you still move about even when in rest, you’ll have no counsel here tonight, for you are of little importance for I am the seat of the head and my pain shall be heard. The soles of feet in all humbleness replies, what is the seat without the wisdom gained from the travels of my journey? I’ve weathered the storms, terrains and valleys all while carrying you as the seat upon my shoulders. You are at the will of my burden and your tears within the night, overflow my cup causing  restless under the veil peace. Did someone say shoulders? It is I the barer of burden, I listen to the bellowing between the broad of my purpose everyday without submission or complaint, why must I endure the bickering between the either of you? Am I not the strength that holds the key to the heart? Am I not the forgotten treasure taken in and released like the tides of the ocean sands giving breath to our purpose?

Now boasting with pride comes an even louder voice. Stop I say! Bellows the chest. I bare the true pain of the whole, witness now as I claim the bosom of life, no more shall I trouble with the bickering of your ignorance. Then suddenly an eerie silence befalls my temple, as the darkness creeps ever so near.  Peace be still over your restless toil a voice whispers within the void. All is of purpose, all is of oneness within the temple, yet none are truly alike. Even the softness of the cheek bears the difference between tears of joy and the pain of regret, the kiss of a child’s love or the aggression of a fools anger. Your rest is soon to come, speaks the calming voice within the void of my temple. For I am the eternal and you are but dust upon the earth.

Query not within the dawn of night the eternal says, I go for only a little while to bring healing upon the dusk of your true purpose. Now rest as I open the treasure once again,  remember not death but thankfulness upon your awakening.

*This was the night of my heart attack. It reminds me how the mind and body at times battle with indifference. Such is often the case with people complaining amongst each other, judging and attempting to communicate (per opinions only). With this often becoming distracted from our collective purposes. Point is we’ll all one day return to the dust of the earth. So again with this said, let’s remember to see each other in the blessings of our lives, as opposed to taking chances with the bickering of tomorrow. I say this in wisdom after surviving the three near-death experiences of my past. Remember this, you’ll never know upon the rest of your evening, when or if the eternal will seek thee not your temple again.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson