Footprints of Mind

full frame shot of eye
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 Footprints of the Mind

Mine your steps upon the placement of your mind,

mine what matters most, least madness lurks quietly behind.

Meticulously placed matters of mind, may yield miracles most find sublime,

but mine your own mind most carefully, never know what you may find.

A myriad of miracles may await your minds’ delight,

but remember minds are minefields, moreover mysteriously alike.

Mere matters of manners most people may see,

but only matters of the mind may reveal what’s hidden in thee.

Mastery of mind manifest miracles most divine,

stand guard at yours, least your dreams found less defined.

Many memories murmur, mysteriously in the meekness of mind,

moments matter most when moments are made to remind.

Miracles, miracles, miracles, most methodically awaits,

believe in your miracles, masterfully placed for mercies sake.

Missed miracles like mist may most often fade away,

but most miracles like mist, will rise again someday.

Most aspire to be successful, in a minefield of needs,

but money over mindfulness, mines madness indeed.

Moreover mined your minds’ mine in the mysticism of the blind,

may  you  find  the  hidden  footprints,  as  I  found  in  the  eye of  mine.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson