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We all at some point pull out a soap box to stand on, just in case we need an audience to coincide with our current opinions. “Hey everybody, I believe in this and I believe in that; who’s with me!?” Then on to the checking of how many likes I get on fb but wait! First I gotta send a cute emoji/hashtag/tweet or an engaging picture. Then on to sitting back and checking every few hours in regard to the response!

The thought process that soon follows is normally along the line of ”Yeah I’m gonna change the world! I got a voice, I’m empowered and I’m going to be heard!”

When what’s really going on is the manipulation of misguided purposes, created to keep you or others distracted while siphoning your true potential! Here’s what I’m saying, we all have a voice, we have an opinion and with this we often have a perceived image, idea or understanding between the differences of right and wrong.

Only there’s a factor, a game being played out unknowingly to most and it’s called targeted idolatry. Think about it, suddenly we all have a shot at this freedom of speech on the assumption that the world can view, understand and be influence by our opinions but this isn’t always the case. The algorithm in which your “soapbox” vent is being displayed over social media is nowhere near what one expects! You think your voice, ideas or opinions are being seen or heard by millions? Not! It’s being seen by a select few, flashed within a text or tweet lifespan of less than forty-five minutes at best.

You think your message is getting out? Maybe so but only to your friends, family and extended followers, painstakingly over and over again! And yes “tagging” appears to help but honestly does anyone in your circle really believe in your soapbox of the day or are they simply giving you a polite “like?”

Going deeper within the subconsciousness of your mental storehouse, you feel in your gut the digital world of “soap box opinions” and vents are to keep a closer eye on you and your followers personal business but you tag them anyway. What better way to play on the mind of the masses by making them feel like they’re a celebrity on social media. In doing so, collecting all they’re heartfelt opinions, ideas, personal business and or historical/family issues. No wonder targeted adds pertaining to searches from other sites somehow mystically appears on your fb ads. This media influenced algorithm can care less about your opinions on worldly affairs, just as long as you keep the fight i.e. “soap box vent” to your controlled personal device, limited platform or friends and followers.

The bigger picture is to keep you so distracted by your online celebrity-ism status, that you forget how powerful your voice is in person, around the community, in the church, on the job, at city hall and the like thereof.

Your voice should be heard by ears and not so much, controlled digital text or images. Interpersonal communication is a key factor if you’re trying to convey a message of integrity. In this you can see with your own eyes, the effect you have on the people and in return they can see your actions taken “in real life,” as opposed to a character displayed, created, edited, retweeted and idolized on social media.

This is why I only have a select few and even with them, many are just being kind by offering me “polite”online company. Most truly don’t understand me or even care to know me personally for that matter, I hear I’m often “unapproachable”. The majority are fb friends by way of marriage, work acquaintance or family. And I’m totally good with that, being I’m a “lay-low for now” type of introvert. Know that I’m not against fb but honestly, most people haven’t the slightest idea what fb stands for, so here’s my take.

I think Facebook stands for Facial Aggregation Controlling Empowerment By Others Opinionated Knowledge. To cynical? How about Featured Algorithm Containing Everyone’s Bio Of Organized Keepsakes?

Still too much? Ok, how about fb stands for FEEDBACK? And not for our own knowledge or personal data collection but for the upholding of the principalities of the world. Either way, it’s just my opinion right? It’s not like I’m on the radar with my 105 fb friends, just know that we all have an opinion but just as “faith without works is dead,” so are soap boxes if not acted upon respectively or consistency. To disperse any confusions, my purpose is greater than temporarily captivating others attention spans. That is, for the collective data use for the powers that be but rather, solidifying a seed for future generations to come.

Think about it, what’s going on in the world is on the wicked intent of distracting you to follow the chaos or the next best thing; not your created purpose. People commenting on the president regarding his successes or failures; as if he actually cares! Black, white or whatever the nationality, this elected official is a man fulfilling what he believes is his destiny and to the least of his concern is you, me and any other person, not within the scope of his generational plan.

School shootings and gun control, GMO foods and the mislabeling of health foods, americans dividing over an athlete’s decision to kneel, a wall idealized to keep others out, when in fact could seal us in. And not to forget, Influential parts of history are being replaced, redirected or hidden by online keyword searches. I can go on and on but soap boxes aren’t my thing, platform or scope of purpose.

I stand on the unfathomable wisdom of the Holy Spirit and in doing so, I speak on a much greater level than the trivial, media-influenced propaganda shoveled down the cluttered faculties of today’s mindset. I speak and act on humility, faithfulness and forgiveness. I speak on letting my actions develop my character by the living word of God, not idolization for personal or governmental use. My purpose is that of the eternal and having said this, how to lead by Christ’s example within the spirit of this reality. 

This is not a call to action! This is not about who I want you to believe I claim to be, nor when and where to purchase my next book. This is about you and finding your true purpose amongst the distractions. So have at it! Search yourself and not the web, nor guru or entrepreneur seeking his yacht downpayment.

Seek until you’re faced with your own personal issues, barriers and fears, then humbly submit to Christ. Avoid the idolatry of social media! Read within the pages of the living word of God. And please, abstain from falling into the traps of mindfulness i.e. denial, mental idolatry or separatism. Seek ye first upon your knees, until the day you’re strengthened to stand.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson



Regarding the steps or essentials for an amazing life, there’s obviously more than what’s listed but these three (3) without fail, will lead you in the right direction. And even better, you don’t have to subscribe or enlist your e-mail address for a countdown, webinar or Master Class (at least not yet)!

The three (3) essentials for an abundant, healthy and financially stable life:

1.) How we treat, take care of and love each other. Especially within our personal,   recreational and business life.

2.) How we take care of ourselves, “CONSISTENTLY” on a physical, mental and spiritual basis.

3.) How we trust in God’s purpose for our creation, conducive to ones spiritual embodiment (not the wiles of lust, idolization or other’s opinions).

In this, we naturally develop a strong sense of faith, personal trust and confidence in all that we aspire to achieve.

“Knowing is only the beginning, “BELIEVING” is the next step towards your blessed destiny!”

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson