I love, love, love my mother! When she came to see me at the Dayton Book Expo, she noticed my banner’s website address zoeylifesite.com; she immediately smiled. She got it! The meaning of the site/word. “ZOEY” in biblical reference as well as the greek terminology. From the scripture John 10:10 and many other passages throughout the bible, the word zoe was replaced/translated to be read as life.

Only thing is many people have forgotten or never really figured out what life is truly about. With this, ultimately passing through this spiritual journey upon the earth; blinded by human distractions. If we’d understood the reason for our lives, we’d be much better off, as opposed to defaulting towards the temporary vices of mental and physical escape. This is why I love to write in analogies; “for in this, is to nurture the seed of positive manifestation over the lands”( GOD’S GREATEST GIFT: WOMAN).

Moreover, I’ve found in my humbled experience, sharing certain answers not only puts a bullseye on your back but causes doubt, judgment and unnecessary barriers created between the sharer and receiver. This is why I’ve chosen to live, lead and love by blessed example, furthermore leading to the unmistakable, witnessed and confirmed by the results of my actions.

Although we do have a fallback in the form of cultural norms,various teachers and certain leaders, a good majority of the terms meanings are found in dictionaries or worse yet online, but what does that mean? If change has occurred in the form of taken misunderstanding, calque or translation, how do we derive true meaning from a word without root?

That’s the equivalent of your childhood picture being shown in a slideshow at your wedding. The picture doesn’t truly tell anything about you, your past, present or future purposes. It’s just an image. No different than the “image” of the life we perceive today. The image of money, power and respect, the idea of only having one life to live, so we better live it up as much as we can, while we can. Know that the perceptions of this picture means little to nothing, without the living example of a fulfilled purpose in action, to be witnessed, acknowledged and upheld, as tangible evidence of who we say we are.

So, if we solely go by the definition of a word given such as life, we’ve missed not only the true meaning but the actual purpose. Don’t believe me? Look up the word life for yourself and ponder if it guides or provides you with anything of true understanding. The best you’ll get is a mental picture. It might as well be a vivid photograph of a cold glass of water, filled to the rim with ice, frozen in time as the condensation appears to slowly creep down over its edge.

The reality is, it’s just a picture of a glass of water, the hard truth is your stuck in the heat of the desert, practically dying of thirst.

No different than the world we live in now, blinded by the thirst for knowledge, yet being hand-fed a picture of a translated word. Only we’re stuck fanning ourselves with a image rooted in idealistic contentment, ultimately falling for the mirage within the desert of our perceived reality.

Again with this, replacing the word zoe in the bible for the word life, further persuades you away from the actual meaning, teachings and purposes. If your diligent to look up zoe, you’ll find there’s meaning behind this word life (the perfect life of God’s original intentions), not just a translation. Within this meaning you’ll find a newer understanding i.e. truth and within this truth, you’ll find your purpose as it was originally intended.

So as mentioned earlier, I love, love, love my mom and thanks to her for noticing truth within the perception of my spirit-filled intention. And before I forget, to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson