Poem from GOD’S GREATEST CREATION: WOMAN


“Gentle and blessed is the tone of her voice.
Softness in wonder heavenly angels rejoice.
From dust to gentile, from gentile to man, she breathes life into gentlemen and creates the gentle-man.
Rigid is he that toils the ground, but oh the sweet voice, her gentleness of sound. – love her unconditionally.
-by Reginald O’Neal Gibson




We are seeds upon the waters, experiencing the flow of life; until we rest upon the eternal soil. 

If we are fallen seeds, where did we come from?

If we are upon the waters of life, in which direction do we flow?

Is the darkness of the soil our rest or our death?

Fear not in question of darkness or end, there relies a light from deep within. Christ our savior has ransomed the price, to guide us throughout eternal life. 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson



Did you know the YMCA has a lost and found? I know most people are probably embarrassed to ask but for me, I have a special understanding of what can be found at this community center. Not too long ago, I was reminded by my 4 year-old daughter of something close to my heart; from many years prior.

It was a promise! A promise I’d forgotten about until I witnessed my baby girl grasping the edge of the entrance counter at the local Y. She could barely reach but couldn’t resist to wave at one of the many friendly employees.

My wife and I have 4 year-old triplets, two boys and one super-emotionally intelligent girl. We also have a 13 year-old son that’s into anything sports related! So it’s obvious why our local Y is so vitality important to our busy lifestyles.


As a father and provider, I love knowing my family gets great value, developmental skill building and mentorship, all within a safe stress-free environment. We’ve made many friends throughout the years and to a greater extent, the YMCA has become our neighboring family. From holiday events to our kids swim class, my family and I have been blessed many times over and over by their community programs.

Now about that promise I mentioned earlier, the forgotten one lost but recently found. It wasn’t an expensive water bottle, a flashy hat or a pair of headphones; it was me. I was lost within the darkness of depression and the YMCA helped me find my path.

Years ago before my current marriage and family, I was homeless. Although I had a job at the time, I was severely depressed, struggling and recently divorced. In this, I made some hard decisions which lead me to become homeless. One frigidly cold day, while sleeping in my van I decided to pull myself together, but honestly I couldn’t even concentrate. Most days I’d eat at work and stress the rest of the time wondering if I had enough gas to keep my car warm so I could write throughout the night.

Then one day I noticed people going into the Y and that’s when I decided to become a member. Soon I had a place to exercise, shower and write to my heart’s content. From various parking lots and local YMCA’s I continued to write. When the Y closed, I often toggled as the last member leaving, being I didn’t want to appear in distress. Months later I noticed their lost and found areas, so I asked for one of the ink pens. I didn’t claim it but I did explain to the employee that mine ran out of ink and I just needed to finish a chapter of my thoughts. My goodness that was a nice pen!

That’s when the promise was made, while the gliding of the pen whisked across the rigidness of gathered paper, I said to myself, “one day I’m going to write a book and donate it to the YMCA!” This, in hopes of encouraging someone in need and that there is a place within the community, not to enable, but to provide tools for personal success.

Since then I’ve donated my first two books to the Y, only not as a homeless man but as a published author. IMG_8616My family had no idea. My job had no clue and the people considered close to my circle were completely unaware what I was hiding beneath the smile; true brokenness. Not only was I in the spiritual war of a lifetime, but I was losing the battle, day by day.

By now I was visiting four local Y’s religiously; the Huber Heights Y where I proposed to the love of my life Kelly, the Downtown Dayton Y which had late hours, the West Carrollton Y where I lost collectively 35lbs and the Kleptz Y in Englewood. Here is where I’ve found the best of friends through staff and members. From social events to local programs, they somehow find ways to always keep families inspired mind, body-moving and soul. Also at the Kleptz Y, I’ve had one of my most successful book signings and not to forget, this is where my wife currently teaches Zumba classes!


Who would have thought that out of the kindness of an employee, an ink pen and a promise within a prayer, I would find what was once lost in me; Hope. To the Greater YMCA of Dayton, thank you! You’ve not only helped to develop the man within me, you’ve helped to raise a strong family within the community. We are members for life! God bless.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson






Oh I apologize, you thought I was writing for you? No, most of today’s writing is more about personal gain/idolatry, opinionated misdirection and or the lust of entrepreneurship. I’m one of few writing diligently for our future generations, leaders and thought provokers. 

I in turn, would rather speak to you soul to soul as we live, share and breathe on a day to day basis. In this, to acknowledge our presence at this particular point in time, to commune mano e mano in consciousness, meditation and in prayer. 

As for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, they’re going to need us to unite and come together; today! Again, at this point in time, to specifically solidify a foundation of historical truth, facts and spiritual wellbeing.

Understand that new age thinking in all it’s cleverness and wickedly hidden ways are purposely constructed to undermine the Holy Bible, our constitutional rights and our cultural traditions. Soon information will be so thick with confusion,  factual manipulation and outright lies, that our future generations will become groomed as mindless slaves to a world of controlled data, thoughtless thoughts and religious restraint.

In this, our responsibility of today and purpose in life is not our own to glorify, but rather for the continuation of God’s will for mankind to flourish. Think about it, the shift has already begun.  

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


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Ever wondered about your communication skills? How sure are you that your message was clear and concise? Did the recipients of your message truly understand what you were trying to convey? Let’s talk, but remember it takes two, the focused messenger and the attentive receiver.

Certain levels of understandings are often overlooked when one person or the other, expresses him or herself passionately, in a manner most people can’t immediately relate. In this, misunderstandings are bound to create barriers at the exact point, where inspiration or clarification, should have naturally taken place.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, yet often is but in the form of confusion, sudden judgement or loss of attention span. Misunderstandings happen all the time and mostly it’s out of politeness, the avoidance of embarrassment, in regards to the information flying over one’s head or the complete lack of interest due to one’s personal belief system.

Here’s a quick example of how misunderstandings or communicable barriers (possibly) originate and how they can spiral into the abyss if not corrected swiftly!

A few years ago, I responded in a conversation regarding my triplets and how they were starting to speak aloud, all at the same time, as though they were in competition with each other.

The colleagues involved were my immediate supervisor, staff speech therapist and another from upper management.  I said “yea, my kids are really starting to talk and make sense, but often I’m really just looking for the end word.”

Oh the stunned look on their faces! Eyes widened in complete shock, obviously caught off guard! I couldn’t help but notice how the air seemingly was being sucked from their lungs, while they desperately gasped for some form of grip on the situation. By the paleness of their skin and frozen body positions, I could immediately tell they misunderstood.

As mentioned earlier, somewhere between politeness and avoidance, they were challenged with confused misunderstanding!

Now, if I had written out what I said, one could easily discern what I was talking about, when I stated “I’m really just looking for the end word.” That is, the word at the end of my children’s sentences, that would’ve  otherwise given me some sort of clue as to what they were referencing.

I was not saying to my colleagues, when my children talk, I’m really only concerned when I hear them say, the racially charged “N” word! Why my colleagues would think that is another story, but innocent all the same.

Please understand, whether it’s providing information, telling a funny story or sharing personal experiences, you often have more time vested in the information you’re providing. So, if the subject matter is truly important, communicative understanding is an absolute must.

Think about it, how many times have you been involved in a good conversation and suddenly, it fell one-sided to the other persons “all about me issue? And although you truly dread hearing this “whoa is me story” for the hundredth time, you smile out of politeness, staring attentively into their eyes and fade off into your mental happy place. All the while desperately waiting to pounce, on the next exit opportunity from the conversation!

Communication doesn’t have to be so troublesome, but it does need to be worked on diligently, compassionately and to the best of our ability. Why? Because ultimately communication is all about trust.

I trust that you hear me, for better feedback in search of finding that common ground; uniting us as a people.

I trust that you attentively pay attention to my directions, being I’m still on vacation. Thus giving you the ability, to handle the work environment in my absence.

I trust that you hear the desperation in my voice, in hope that one day you can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made, preventing you from experiencing the horrific pain that once crippled me.

Communication paired with true understanding is an absolute must. Only remember, what used to be a two-way street, has now developed into an over the speed limit, four lane highway of debate, opinions and distractions, paired with just a bit of nearsighted tunnel vision!

That meaning both parties involved, must venture to seek a common lane of understanding and clarity. In this, growth, trust and accomplishment can be achieved as we collaborate within interpersonal communication. Are we in agreement?

Thank you, Reginald O’Neal Gibson


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Breathe it through, most people don’t understand, can’t understand and are unwilling to understand your path. So why become judgmental of theirs? Love your neighbors and let God’s will be done – within everyone’s journey. Now walk your walk and be in God’s peace; you have a good work to do.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson




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What stems from the accepted norm of following, camouflaged as friending, polite networking or socializing? The inevitable realization that one may not be on their chosen path later in life. There’s a time for everything including, learning, nurturing and loving but remember, if a person loses their place in purpose i.e. following others God given dreams, they may end up lost in a world of personal darkness. In this, they’d be blind by definition, otherwise not fit for those who follow them!

This is why true leaders lead, thus bringing forth new leaders to continue the process of growth, prosperity and the continuation of light within the world. Leaders continuously sacrifice for the purposes of parenting, friending and leading others to find this coveted light; which of course is already within you. Question is, which are you?

Lead on, you beautiful blessed soul of God!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson




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Would you know greatness if you saw it? Would you recognize it immediately, smile, let down your guard momentarily and model respect within its company?  Of course you would; selfies, fist bumps and autographs right?

We have a tendency to perk up around authoritative, confident and beautiful people. It’s just the human condition to warm up, get close, engage and become a part of what we’ve learned to respect, acknowledge and often idolize. Why? Because it’s a choice we’ve decided to give our attention to! Sounds a bit too simple at first, regarding the depths of realization, so allow me to emphasize. We place value on what we believe in, give time to or what’s been taught as a worthy thing.

Celebrities, athletes and authoritative figures become great by the acknowledgements of people like us. It’s often a slow process that builds over time. These figures whom we hold in high regard, develop who they are first! They relentlessly work on their craft, invest in themselves physically, mentally and spiritually with healthy activities, positive networkings, education and of course money. They often take great leaps of faith to obtain what’s needed to personify what they believe in and how they perceive themselves to be; which eventually reflects their level of success. Think about it, they believe in themselves, they invest in themselves and ultimately visualize themselves into fruition.

What’s the outcome? When we see or interact with them, we acknowledge them as beautiful, confident and of an authoritative status. Thus, we give them our undivided attention, our vote, our respect and to some degree our money (i.e. merchandising, donations and or investments).

Can you imagine if LeBron James entered a basketball stadium and suddenly none of his fans showed up to ever watch him play again? Nor ever buy his shoes, products or care to watch his televised games. He’ll still be 6 ft 8 inches tall, 249 lbs and one heck of an incredible athlete, BUT I can guarantee you he’ll soon lose endorsements, a place on the team and countless other avenues of passive income. Would he still be great? Of corse! If he believed in himself as a man of purpose, without the need of fans, sponsorship or sports.

Know that we, as the collective multitude are the ones who deem him worthy of greatness. Again, with our time, endorsements and money. Do you realize that there are incredible, powerful and spiritually important people around us everyday? Hidden potentials behind passive smiles, unknowing miracle workers buried under depression and not the least of which, greatness filled with the abilities of love and abundance gone unnoticed within a minefield of stress.

Again, would you really know greatness if you saw it? Guess it depends on who’ve you given a majority of attention to; right? 

Here’s a suggestion; this is what I do in recognition of greatness. When I get up, at the start of my work day and gaze begrudgingly into the mirror trying to wake up, I remind myself that God created something great within me to achieve. I then acknowledge my wife as she sleeps in with the kids as the greatest woman, mother and friend God has provided for my calling. And most of all, I praise God for another chance to lead by example, provide for my family and interact with people whom I can help find the greatness within themselves!

In conclusion, I’m surrounded by greatness everyday! In you, in me and in God’s creation of a blessed life worth acknowledging as your own. So again, would you know greatness if you saw it? For starters, try looking in the mirror! Start investing more time, love and forgiveness into your heart, as well as what God has already embedded within you. Soon after, when this is accomplished, start to look at others the same way! Only then, will greatness go without question.

God bless you, you amazingly beautiful person of greatness!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson