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Would you know greatness if you saw it? Would you recognize it immediately, smile, let down your guard momentarily and model respect within its company?  Of course you would; selfies, fist bumps and autographs right?

We have a tendency to perk up around authoritative, confident and beautiful people. It’s just the human condition to warm up, get close, engage and become a part of what we’ve learned to respect, acknowledge and often idolize. Why? Because it’s a choice we’ve decided to give our attention to! Sounds a bit too simple at first, regarding the depths of realization, so allow me to emphasize. We place value on what we believe in, give time to or what’s been taught as a worthy thing.

Celebrities, athletes and authoritative figures become great by the acknowledgements of people like us. It’s often a slow process that builds over time. These figures whom we hold in high regard, develop who they are first! They relentlessly work on their craft, invest in themselves physically, mentally and spiritually with healthy activities, positive networkings, education and of course money. They often take great leaps of faith to obtain what’s needed to personify what they believe in and how they perceive themselves to be; which eventually reflects their level of success. Think about it, they believe in themselves, they invest in themselves and ultimately visualize themselves into fruition.

What’s the outcome? When we see or interact with them, we acknowledge them as beautiful, confident and of an authoritative status. Thus, we give them our undivided attention, our vote, our respect and to some degree our money (i.e. merchandising, donations and or investments).

Can you imagine if LeBron James entered a basketball stadium and suddenly none of his fans showed up to ever watch him play again? Nor ever buy his shoes, products or care to watch his televised games. He’ll still be 6 ft 8 inches tall, 249 lbs and one heck of an incredible athlete, BUT I can guarantee you he’ll soon lose endorsements, a place on the team and countless other avenues of passive income. Would he still be great? Of corse! If he believed in himself as a man of purpose, without the need of fans, sponsorship or sports.

Know that we, as the collective multitude are the ones who deem him worthy of greatness. Again, with our time, endorsements and money. Do you realize that there are incredible, powerful and spiritually important people around us everyday? Hidden potentials behind passive smiles, unknowing miracle workers buried under depression and not the least of which, greatness filled with the abilities of love and abundance gone unnoticed within a minefield of stress.

Again, would you really know greatness if you saw it? Guess it depends on who’ve you given a majority of attention to; right? 

Here’s a suggestion; this is what I do in recognition of greatness. When I get up, at the start of my work day and gaze begrudgingly into the mirror trying to wake up, I remind myself that God created something great within me to achieve. I then acknowledge my wife as she sleeps in with the kids as the greatest woman, mother and friend God has provided for my calling. And most of all, I praise God for another chance to lead by example, provide for my family and interact with people whom I can help find the greatness within themselves!

In conclusion, I’m surrounded by greatness everyday! In you, in me and in God’s creation of a blessed life worth acknowledging as your own. So again, would you know greatness if you saw it? For starters, try looking in the mirror! Start investing more time, love and forgiveness into your heart, as well as what God has already embedded within you. Soon after, when this is accomplished, start to look at others the same way! Only then, will greatness go without question.

God bless you, you amazingly beautiful person of greatness!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


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I thank God I’ve learned to use the circumstances of negative opinions, outcomes and attacks as fuel towards my purpose. This as opposed to allowing the energetic vibrations of others to simply fade away. Although positive fuel burns brighter in the form of inspiration, negative fuel converted properly, at the least; can be used as a specific type of motivation. (i.e. the motivation to stop and reflect deeper within oneself.)

Of course my all-time go to is God and what he embedded within my heart, but every now and then I do get a boost from those who can’t help but to conjure up their best opinions against my spiritual understandings or actions. I’m sure they’re trying to give their best heartfelt advice, but it shouldn’t turn into a “I’m right and you’re wrong” conversation. Here’s a few quick examples:

An atheist (a self-proclaimed witch) reviewed my book The Consciousness of Man. She stated that she was disheartened and she didn’t like my books, being it didn’t share the worldly views of nonbelievers. I commented back to her thank you for the review and to please visit my website at her leisure.

An associate of mine (a chronic chain smoker) became increasingly adamant as to why I needed to eat meat and dairy for protein, as opposed to my choice of becoming a vegan. He was so caught up in his opinions, he stated that choosing to go vegan was very dangerous for my body.

Lastly, I put a banana in the window above my desk, simply to bask in the sunlight prior to consuming its heightened values of nutrients. Minutes later after returning, I found that this simple act of placing a part of my lunch in the window, soon turned into an enormous controversial debate over politics, advertisement and racial inequalities. How? From a standing position a few feet from the area, the banana with the beautiful brightness of the day behind it, casts a dark image which looks exactly like the NIKE logo! Need I say more? (concerning an athlete’s choice of protest and a corporations brilliant business move.)

Here’s what I’m trying to say, a shoe is just a shoe for the specific purposes of dress, activity or casual wear. Still to date, I haven’t seen any democrats or republicans burning their toupees because they disagree with our current president’s decision methods. If one’s choice is to not believe in God, then maybe reviewing a book subtitled “a Guide Through the Darkness” isn’t in best regards to one’s personal genre; especially if they practice witchcraft.

And lastly, for the sake of all mental clarity, if one is born with the physical genetics of a 125 lb triathlete, with the ability to pull off wearing yoga pants just for the heck of it, i.e. shopping, attending parent teacher conferences or just to walk their dog, please stop overly simplifying diet and control to those of different challenges and physical compositions!

Bottom line, a choice is a choice and ones opinion is just that; one’s opinion! We buy into things that presumably make us feel worthy, happy or fulfilled, and that’s okay; to each their own. Only when it comes to becoming unsettled, opinionated or angry at others ideas, reasonings or understandings, it turns into something unnecessarily negative. This as opposed to the energetic, positive sharing of influential communication we should share as friends, families or acquaintances!

How as a society can we connect, learn and grow if we’re misunderstanding, judging or fighting one another on a constant basis? Which brings me to my conclusion, It’s not that we don’t like, care to agree or even trust each other, but maybe we really don’t know who we are or what we truly stand for; which in turn misrepresents our belief systems, conscious awareness and ultimately our personal opinions.

The Nike corporation didn’t deceive us, nor did our president, they’ve been doing their thing from the very start. Bottom line, they know exactly what they want, stand for and promote. The real question is, do we really know what we want or stand for? Do we have our own motto, family-quarterly business meetings and goal setting standards in which to continuously improve upon? Or are we deceiving ourselves, readily awaiting to casts our views and opinions on another’s act of purpose? I mean come on, it was just a banana – in the window!

God bless.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson




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There are so many forms of advice and information out there, it’s amazingly mind-boggling isn’t it? Has it ever seem to overwhelm, distract or anger you? Maybe it’s starting to make you feel apprehensive or standoffish at the very sight of yet another person or source, seemingly suggesting you’re not really good enough and they have the secret formula for making life better, but at what price; right? Rather it’s to reel you in for a sale or maybe it’s at the expense of your time, in the sense that the advisor is trying to convince you of their authoritative status; maybe it’s something more insidious.

Either way, it’s unfortunate that over time good information has fallen subject to financial manipulation, misinformation and worse yet apathy. Know that this feeling isn’t natural! The sudden eagerness to question, combat with opinionated judgement or completely disregard truth within natural law has been cultivated and psychologically planted deep into our mental storehouse; specifically over the last several decades.

So what do we do? How can we decipher between good information and bad? The good news, bad news and now the ever-so present click-bait and fake news. For starters, let’s first acknowledge our personal levels of awareness. In this let’s take a good look at ourselves, current place in life regarding health, happiness and financial status, and if honestly feasible; mental state. If we as a society can get to this place in mindfulness, we stand a much better chance at perceiving, absorbing and becoming aware of the simple truth of things.

That is, we would have a formidable tool of advantage by developing within us the power of discernment. This in turn will further our acquirement of  truth, knowledge and wisdom in the face of lies, wickedness and distractions.

Now with that said, who are we first; prior to seeking or being subjective to new, present or even past information? Knowing this will help answer or combat most delusions already manifested deep within our mindset.

So, here’s a simple awareness test in (possibly) figuring out how you not only perceive information, but also how you accept or reject past, present or future information. Thus, determining your level of success, awareness, contentment or subjectiveness to worldly news, views and understandings.

Do you believe in God?

And there it is! End of test.

If you believe, then your transition of understanding was probably like “yes, but where’s he going with this? If you don’t believe, you probably were like “here we go again! He had to church it up!”

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter in the sense of the question. I could’ve asked, do you believe in magic, love or the justice system. Either way, the point is that you already have an established go-to system and the principalities of this world depends upon it. Better question is, who put this go-to system in place? And, why do we implement this system hook line and sinker? This is why whether you believe or not, other entities believe in you! And, how impressionable your mind is at specific times.

What I’m trying to do is help people discover who they are, prior to any form of information gathering or receiving. For instance, are you cynical, in denial, happy or  just a bit sarcastic? The answer to this question depends upon one’s current place in life right? If I asked do you believe in marriage, but you were recently divorced; you’d probably vent with a one-sided opinionated mouthful.

So this goes to say, at any given time we can change our “go-to” system of believing. This is why the media is the king of advertising. From toy commercials after school to million dollar ads during the Super Bowl that prove the powers that be believe in you! Why? Because they know that without proper discernment, you, I or anyone can be convinced of almost anything!

So after years of being deceived, convinced and manipulated, it’s safe to say that most people are suffering from mental, spiritual and trust issues. That was the original plan put in place, being the powers that be dread the day when people start to become awaken!

So, if you ever feel antagonistic, sick or religiously judgmental at the very sight of someone passionately holding a bible in the air, posting spiritual awareness info on social media or maybe even a friend or family member offering their best advice, know that it’s not you, but possibly a mental state place deeply within; preventing or distracting one from discovering the truth of light. You never know right? I guess it’s up to your discernment.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson



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Give more time helping others, as opposed to helping yourself and watch your emotional health grow.

Spend more money blessing others and witness seeds sown flourish, far beyond worldly interests rates.

Any form of lust will deplete your financial and spiritual status but when love is shared by two, true richness is abound.

Your life’s work holds greater value, than any agreed upon compensation, especially while on someone else’s time clock.

Spend more time in prayer as opposed to worrying, day-dreaming or obsessing, being only one of the four can give you true hope.

Being honest, trustworthy and humble is an absolute necessity in sharing, if you want it in return within any form of relationship (financially, spiritually or physically).

Lastly, before implementing any of the previous suggestions, please become whole first!  A glass half full has little to share; subjectively speaking.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


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The moment when you truly become aware of the things you can not change . . . stop.

Remember when you met the love of your life? Remember when you proved that one doubter wrong, along with the other nay-sayers, false friends and not to forget that one person; who doesn’t even know your name?

What was the funniest movie you watched  when you were a teenager? Can you remember the best thanksgiving meal you shared with your family? Can you remember the taste of grandmas buttermilk-drop biscuits, with that homemade sweet strawberry jam?

I can vividly remember, how beautiful the night sky was when I first snuck into the drive-in theater with my best friend. We climbed midway up the back of the movie screen, then sat and stared at the shimmering stars for hours. I’ll never forget how the coolness of the crisp air made me feel free, loved and unstoppable. And oh those fluffy low flying clouds, how they shared a beautiful soft lavender glow; reflective of the city lights in the distance.

When I was nine years old, I saw two insects that looked like a line of bright green peas walking side by side. They both had long tentacles and large dark eyes which followed me as I stared at them in complete awe.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone knew how kind, cleverly-smart and beautiful you truly are?

Lastly, upon this reflection, did I help momentarily take your mind OFF the things you can not change in this world. That is by accessing the blessed memories already stored within your heart? Remember, the stressors, opinions and issues that plague our minds, news feeds and conversations, can be stopped instantaneously; all by the simple act of changing our thought process. So, the issue isn’t the things we can not change, but rather the images, memories and connections we create along the changes of our lives.

Perceive you later; God bless.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson





Are we spreading the good news or are we spreading ourselves a bit too thin with media influenced propaganda? Are we providing what’s really important regarding news or are we simply sharing, posting and retweeting what the powers that be created to fill our sensationalistic soap opera cravings?

Think about it, from wooden soap box crates, positioned perfectly in our neighborhood parks, to the data based drama of scandals, lies, twists and turns stewing within instant notifications. Somehow, most have fallen into the mindset of enthusiastically sharing, potentially destructive information. From the nostalgics stories of our grandparents exercising their right to freedom of speech, to a meme with over a million views. From a time when people could listen without being censused, to our living room devices, blanketed behind a wall of controlled algorithms. What in the world has happened? By now one would think we’d have a grip on the situation!

Yet still, in today’s society, some sit back comfortably in the privacy of their wifi-ed homes and boast, “take that, I sent that to the whole world, now everyone will know the truth!” but the truth may only be what one has been influenced to believe and in that, only a small fraction of people will see the heartfelt post anyway, that is prior to being buried under the constant stream of newer posts, reminders and ads. To no avail though, being in most people’s mindsets it’s like “yeah! I got a hundred likes!” Sounds kinda like good news, right? Which is exactly why most remain content.

Only in actuality, all one did was tell the government whose side they’re on, and who’s in your circle of trust. Not to forget on the opposite side, where your stuck with the snide comments of your friends, co-workers or family members soon to blot you off their invite list, being you’ve voiced your opinion regarding a certain presidential candidate.

I know this speaks of my age and it should! I’m sure that more than a few probably don’t know what a soap box is and that’s understandable, especially since we’ve become conditioned to communicate digitally, but there is good news or should I say an awareness. What’s good about this awareness is, the future leaders of this world are currently evolving; rapidly.

They don’t use social media to create a digital footprint of their minds, orientation or intentions, they’re not bound by any third party entrapments, belong to any organization by membership, fee or bloodline. And they are definitely not a part of the created school structure we’ve been enslaved to trust in. They just are, they’re the future, and what they’ll share will be of benefit and great blessings to those that once was lost.

I don’t care to share or give much attention regarding the problems, issues and concerns within the powers that be. It does nothing for my purpose, spiritual growth or learning process if I waste time, obsessing over their blunders or successes. So I’m just going to continue to focus on myself, sharing the experience of enlightenment and learning from my own personal mistakes and achievements.

lastly, if you have a concern or problem with the powers that be, become a power yourself worth reckoning with, but not on their playing field. Remember to dance with the devil, means you’re already in hell, and there lies a song and dance, that’ll never end. Personally, I’d rather focus on the good news, that is the original purpose within the children of God.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson




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It amazes me how most people work, live and play to the standards, expectations and opinions of others; it’s simply a massive waste of one’s time. As if  these others are the authoritarians over another’s personal life! For instance, God created you and I perfectly! Ushered in by his masterfully skilled hands and timed us just right to thrive and develop within this era. Not only to be and grow into who he created us to be in a timely fashion, but to keep our minds focused on him and not the wiles or concerns of others.

Yes, at times, heartfelt opinions, mentorship and the love of others best advice, is a much needed comfort. Only that’s not my point, what I’m speaking on is when subconsciously, people fall into the mindset and expectations of others; as opposed to following God’s will. With this said, who’s the authoritarian of your life? Who do you really work for, live, or play for?

Maybe a better question who is living out, working through or vicariously playing with your life? Are you on the perfectly time scheduled God has set for your destiny or are you wound back on someone else’s clock? This is why I say don’t spend, waste or invest time, money or mind into something non-conducive toward your spiritual purpose. Don’t give of your heart and energy to a cause or idea, not beneficial of your calling or for the need of others God placed in your care. Grow your family, grow in self-awareness and give what God has given unto you to help others. In this, allow your God given time, to be a time where you give God back some time. And in this time, you would have invested in time well spent, not for others but for yourself, your loved ones and your true purpose.

Our time is limited, use it well. Before spending (more) time on yourself, spend time with someone or something that can return a blessed beneficial reward. I get it, in today’s mindset we all need some alone time, a break or that well deserved vacation but after awhile, these could develop into excuses! What we need more than anything, is to be realigned with spiritual peace. Why? Because the aftermath of taking that so-called time away, we find that we’re right back where we started, dealing, living and hiding from the true problem. Know that a break is just that, a break from whatever your (temporarily) trying to get away from. Thing is, leaving the problem only to return is madness right? That’s like being in an abusive relationship, breaking up and leaving with tons of baggage, then returning back to the source of the abuse completely refreshed, with the mindset things will be different now!

Yes, jobs can be difficult, relationships with friends, family or spouses at times can be painstaking. Traffic gets ridiculous, water cooler talk makes no sense whatsoever and the constellations within the universe aren’t lining up the way we’d like, but we can change this for someone else’s reality right?. You and I can be a blessing in another’s life, why not? If we want it for ourselves, lets be it for others first and witness how limitless our time will become. Only here’s a twist, could it possibly be something uncovered within us? Maybe it’s the circle of friends we’ve chosen, the job or even a relationship we dare not think of separating from? Now we’re really getting into the troubled waters of wasted time.

Not dealing with self is the most detrimental of all, which is the enemy from withins’ playground, constantly reminding of past failures, mistakes and self-induced barriers only to manifest thoughts of crippling fear, all to keep one at a state of complacency. So are we really managing our time well or are we still just trying to figure it all out? Remember we can’t take a vacation from ourselves i.e. mental bondages, but with the love of God, we can face, figure out, forgive and forget, all that once held us back in spiritual contempt. Either way, we’re all in this together and how we spend time together, helping, sharing and loving each other will provide the best benefit to a time well spent.

God bless!

Personal Note:

In total humbleness, I love my life. I’ve lived, learned and have developed a heart for sharing my best in hopes of shedding light on spiritual and personal development. If it enlightens you, reminds you or helps you to seek for yourself, God bless. If my purpose in sharing it’s not for you, God bless just the same. Whether we’re on the same page or not, whether we consider ourselves lions or Lamb’s, trust me within the chapters of time, we’ll all want our names written, spoken and acknowledged in the Book of Life.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson



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I know you are but what am I, says the man in the mirror. Ponder this for a moment. A person standing in front of a mirror, acknowledging through one’s reflection, a perceived image of one’s self, yet truthfully knows nothing about the spiritual workings within their mind, body or spirit. Seriously, think about it, what do we know of the mind, body or spirit? Honestly, little at best.

We only know what we’ve been told, persuaded by or have submitted to — as easily digestive truth. Recently, a philosopher begged to differ with me on this subject, telling me “we have immense knowledge about the human race regarding mind, body and spirit!”

I asked define we? He replied emphatically “the human race!” I smiled and said did you actually speak to the entire human race and come to that conclusion, or are you reflecting on the collective data gathered over centuries regarding advancements in medical science, bias historical evidence regarding religion and future technologies?

He said “of course, we have tables, charts and years of collective data which is core evidence of man’s evolution and advancement over time.” I humbly replied, “says the man standing in the mirror, convinced of one’s self through the eyes of the world.” He paused for a moment in complete wonder and said “hey, in the world I live in we do our best.” I smiled as he walked away, but again do we really know ourselves regarding mind, body and spirit? I ask this in part being most assume, judge or confidently suggest they know others, even though they may not fully have a sense of who they are themselves.

Do most even care, being they’ve accepted their reflection, personal perception or social contentment? I can’t answer this question for others or for that matter the world but one can ask, with all the advancements of our so-called human intellect, space travels, bioengineering and so forth, how is there still racism, sickness and poverty upon the earth? All this sensationalistic talk within society about personal self development, enlightenment and how to become a millionaire in five key steps is mind-boggling to me. Not to mention paired with all the “years of collective data” regarding the positive growth and accomplishments of mankind’s evolution.

What does this have to do with racism, sickness, poverty or personal reflection? Everything! Or better yet everything that is the essence of you mentally, physically and spiritually, being you are more than someone’s image, collective data or personal reflection. You are an in-progress, developmental masterpiece of God’s creation! Knowing this on an individual basis, while developing your spiritual senses are what’s needed to overcome loss of identity within this world. Know this, if you are blinded by the distractions of this world, you become a follower of its doings, if you become a follower you’ve submitted to being lead by the world, if you’re being lead, what world are you truly living in? I hope it’s not the same world the philosopher was referring too, being that doing our best, may not be actually our best, but rather a worldly image, reflected within the mirror they’ve provided. Think about it, because now the tables have turned. In other words upon my awakening, I know who I am and I’m more than a reflective image of worldly conditioning. So the next time you see a reflection of yourself, or you look in the mirror at God’s perfect creation, ask yourself; who are you?

*Seek thee out beyond the limit of complacent teachings and what has been given shall be revealed.

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson




By Popular Understanding; the end quote

Footprints of The Mind


“Most aspire to be successful, in a minefield of needs,

But   money  over  mindfulness,   mines  madness   indeed.

Moreover, mined your minds’ mine in the mysticism of the blind,

May  you  find  the  hidden  footprints,  as   found  in  the  eye  of  mine.”

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson

At the end of my poem, a few friends wanted more understanding as to Its meaning and why certain words we’re in italics. Here’s a deeper look into the parable. Know that within the last forty-two words, I wanted to focus on a message consisting specifically on seven italicized words. In this, shedding light on a much deeper meaning regarding word use.


To be successful over madness, mined your hidden I.”

(The seven key words within the end quote explained)

To = Expressing motion in the direction of (personal achievement) a particular interest.

Successful = Accomplishing an aim or purpose. Achieving one’s desire of happiness within a healthy/functional lifestyle for oneself and others.

Over = Expressing authority or control, rising above.

Madness = The state of being mentally ill (regarding today’s zeitgeist), especially severely.  The chosen action of extremely foolish behavior and or the state of frenzied/ chaotic behavior.

Mined = Excavation in the soil (or richness of mind) for extracting an abundant source of something.

Hidden = Out of sight; concealed, (as in repressed personal feelings) intentionally or unintentionally kept out of sight.

I = Noun (the I) Philosophy (in metaphysics) the subject or object of self-consciousness; ego, OR was I referring to the pineal gland?

Why I chose the word mysticism.

In today’s society, most feel inadequate in comparison to what is thought to be accepted, even beautiful or successful. In this, people often feel a need to catch up, become a part of or rise above the achievements of others. Such thinking critiques the true essence of life and in doing so, intrigues people to go desperately in search of whatever makes them feel free, in control or empowered.

Intriguers such as mindfulness, enlightenment and yes even mysticism. These examples in no way indicates negativity, but upon the non-spiritually initiated by way of the living word of God, does indicate the possible development of pseudo understanding in truth. 

As such, mysticism is defined as (most often) characterized by self-delusion, dreamy confusion of thought, especially when based on the assumption of occult qualities or mysterious agencies.

Know that many look for a way out of what they believe is spiritual persecution but know that avoiding truth, to find what is convenient for personal choice is a form of denial. Guidelines within the bible are not to harm you, but rather help, heal and share what is conducive to your physical as well as spiritual being. Seek not into the mystic for complacency or thought, least the footsteps taken will guide you into the blindness of the lost.

The three points of cognitive awakening; answered.

Yes, I was referring to the seat of the mind.

Yes, the format was meant to be in the shape of a pyramid.

Yes, the upside down eye represents something worth looking into.

Please remember poems, analogies and parables speaks differently to different people. Take what you can utilize and absorb the rest if possible. One day It may make all the difference within the subconsciousness of your temple.

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson