Guess who’s making an appearance at the Community Health Fair?

Come out and support HALF PRICE BOOKS in Beavercreek, Ohio by the Fairfield Crossing!

Family-owned chain that buys & sells secondhand books as well as movies & music in various formats.
Located in: Fairfield Crossing
Address3310 Pentagon Blvd, Beavercreek, OH 45431


Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

I’ll be there between 1pm-3pm to discuss my books and autograph you a copy, see you soon and thanks! God bless. Image 6-3-18 at 5.24 PM





Mind, body and soul fitness! Come out and support you local YMCA and check out my newly release book THE BOOK OF WISDOM: The Age of Mindfulness ($19.95). Also, I’ll have handy my previous book THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN: A Guide Through the Darkness ($14.95), both are incredibly sophisticated spiritually sound reads (both available on and Barnes & Noble*). Come see for yourself and get an autographed copy, become a part of something eternally grateful! And just in case you didn’t know, you can take advantage of my 2 for $20 book promotion! Already have one copy? Let’s talk! Hope to see you, God bless in all that you aspire to accomplish. 20% of proceeds donated to the Kleptz YMCA!

Image 5-17-18 at 9.14 PM

Hope to see you there!







Life can be such a wonderful experience, especially when you take the time to enjoy the little things. Fortunately, we are surrounded by wonderful examples of prosperity, blessings and miracles but one must realize the truth, before true appreciation can take place in our lives. That is, preparation “BEFORE” the blessings! Why not? If people believe, save up for and willingly expect the rainy days, why not prepare and invest in the positive expectations of the good days to come! Many great opportunities are right before our eyes but often we tend to miss out on the little things.  Moreover, the intricate times and even the tough lessons in which otherwise lead to the fulfillment of the abundant life we were created to enjoy. Having said this, my next book is an easy-read called “THE BOOK of WISDOM: the Age of Mindfulness,” set to bring forth compilations of stories and insights that will help acknowledge, guide and catapult your growth into a  life of unimaginable heights. This is accomplished by confirming and reminding you what true wisdom is and how you can apply it to your life. Looking for more? Excellent! Come out to the Dayton Book Expo this April 28th 2018 and you’ll experience a wonderful assortment of books, stories and positive influencers to help guide you through a book lovers dream! Come out and participate! We’ll have many authors showcasing their titles from fiction to children’s books and of course inspirational. Don’t miss out, take some time and invest in yourself while becoming a blessing to others; see you there! As always, may God continuously bless your journey.


Reginald Gibson



4 thoughts on “EVENTS!

  1. It is my opinion that society has created something called “The Norm” From the minute we are born we are measured by this norm. We are expected to walk and talk at a certain age, and our lives are measured by this norm for life. So much so that people are uncomfortable in their own skin. When those who cannot measure up to the norm are often left behind and labeled as slow, or not worthy to have or seek the opportunities that are offered to those who meet the norm or have risen above it. This leads people to find anyway possible to be validated by others. With God all things are possible. Once people learn be be comfortable with whom they are, find and developed their own talents, validation come. When we truly acknowledge God, he will reveal those things to us an we only have to act upon them, sometimes taking baby steps, but each step taken brings us closer to who we are really meant to be.

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