Hello, Welcome to Zoeylifesite! Thanks for joining us on this journey of everyday life fulfilling achievement. Know that if you’re here, it’s to confirmed you’re on a committed path of finding your blessed purpose in life. That’s what Zoeylifesite is all about, finding your favored path! So the question remains, are you searching for spiritual confirmation? Or trying to rekindle that carefree joy you had since childhood? Maybe you’re searching for that little push or example by leadership to help transform or course correct your path? Then again, you’ve found the right site! Let’s confirm together what’s needed to find your peace and destined abundance. Take comfort in knowing we offer private web-based consultations, derived from personal self help videos and real life experiences.

Also you’ll find additional links to documented professional advice, inspirational blogs and excerpts from my latest book THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN. Going through some tough times? We also share practical ways of avoiding unnecessary, problematic stressful situations; which often rhetorically hold people back from their forward progression. You’ll find tips and quick answers on how to deal with deeply embedded autosuggested insecurities, as well as any negative people/influencers within your environment. Need tips or advice on marriage, forgiveness and closure, or maybe culinary recipes which will ignite your exercise regimen? We’ve got you covered, follow our personal success stories and “how too’s” in strategy planning and you’ll be convinced by way of conformational results, that we provide honest and unbiased information.

If you choose to email us directly, we can customize your specific needs regarding your transformational lifestyle change. The only noticeable difference people will realize about you is, that you’ve made a drastic change for the better! SLB_6314Know that you are highly favored and filled with hidden treasures beyond your imagination! Let us be your temporary guide until you are ready to fly on your own. Have faith and enjoy this process, after all you were created for a lifetime of joy, peace and happiness; let’s work together and reclaim what’s rightfully yours. Lastly, Take some time to invest in yourself as we graciously welcome you to follow us upon this journey; God bless and thank you so very much for your time.
– Team Zoeylifesite.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I am halfway through this book. One of the best books I ever read. Keep them coming Reggie. Your thoughts and life analysis are so amazing. Thank you for using your gift.


  2. Excerpt from READERS FAVORITE (reviewer: Lori Jones)

    “The Consciousness of Man: A Guide through the Darkness by Reginald Gibson is a truly thought-provoking book covering every aspect of the meaning of life.””This book will hook you from the first page. The insights into what we deem is our reality are dissected by the author and questioned intelligently. I was overwhelmed by the perceived perception of something because of the information we are fed by politicians and the media. The author’s description of his near-death experience was amazing and so detailed too. An absolutely superb read.”


  3. I finished your newest book, “The Book of Wisdom” in two days because it was so compelling. I am not a big reader but I just couldn’t put it down! Thanks for the constant inspiration!


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