I recall like it was just yesterday, raising my head high after a deep breath, finally a moment of peace, contentment and praise; thank you lord for yet another day. This, I uttered softly just prior to clocking out and going home. It was at this moment when I heard a young lady who appeared to be slightly frustrated say “excuse me, you are just so unapproachable!”

Needless to mention, I smiled in politeness and continued on my way. In total honesty, I’ve heard this and similar descriptions regarding my personality over the years, so please allow me to shed just a bit more light on the subject. Have you ever been busy, in a rush trying to accomplish a task or personal deadline? Maybe you’ve found yourself in a grocery store trying to multitask recipes for the upcoming week, attentively texting back and forth about what Redbox movie to get, while simultaneously budgeting to the best of your cognitive ability. Not to forget planning your families upcoming vacation!

Thinking back on this, were you polite to the cashier? Did you even noticed the elderly woman needing help lifting her grocery bag into her cart? Did you remember that last second verbal request not on your list but just so happened to be on the far opposite side of the store? You know that one particular item your child needed for a class project, which prompted you coming to the store in the first place, all in hope of beating the highway rush hour!

Here’s what I’m trying to say, at some point we all get deeply involved and focused on what’s needed to keep ourselves, our families and our goals intact. With this, for others currently not on the same path we mean no disrespect during our busy times but nonetheless, we that are committed must do what we can do to the best of our ability to fulfill our purpose.

So in my case, it’s not that I’m standoffish, difficult to talk to or “unapproachable,” it’s just that I’m busy as well, fulfilling God’s purpose for my existence, i.e. multitasking between jobs and my life’s work, family and legacy. What else is there but to honor life, wife and God’s calling within the strength of this temple. So for  future friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances alike, know that I am here, but as the foundation beneath your feet, the air aloft your wings and the example of a humble servant of God’s intent for my life.

So to get to know me is to nod without judgement, smile without strings attached and uphold one another with prayer, praise and respect. I am not prideful, I have no hidden agendas, nor do I think I’m better than anyone. It’s just that I’m spiritually on task, confidently focused and committed to being the best version of myself per the will of God.

With this said if we ever cross paths present or future, let me initiate a hello! I’m Reginald. Wow! You are beautifully blessed and wonderfully made in the likeness of God the almighty. It was a pleasure meeting you, thank you and may God continue to bless your journey! If my interaction was a bit swift, please forgive without judgement or scoff! Just know that I, like many others are insatiably that way while in focused mode. As far as my self, commitment is a lifestyle, so smile and nod knowing I have your best in heart. Am I unapproachable? No, not in the least but lets be honest, I’m a married man, devoted to my life’s work and intimately involved with the teachings of christ as the living word of God. What else is there? But the occasional brief interaction in passing. So again, hello! My name is Reginald.