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Think about it and I’ll try to keep this one short. When did friends become followers and followers become stalkers? Whether originally just being cordial upon accepting that friend request, exercising polite mannerism or simply trying to support one another, when or where did the disconnect regarding interpersonal communication happen?

I can only share my opinion but know, my opinions arise from deep spiritual thought and meditation, cultivated and prayed over for a great period of time. Here’s where I believe the disconnect happens, at the start of accepting a friendship that wasn’t developed out of love, care or concern! What if I told you the master plan was to “get people to share their personal information, market, advertise and sell-sell-sale!”

Think about it, If I originally had a product or influenced based idea to market and wanted mass distribution, without doing my own footwork for greed of capital, distribution or reach, what better way to come up with a system to persuade people to do the work for free! Simply by messaging  or massaging one’s ego, they can become powerful tools by adding contacts per personal request.

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From friends to family, old acquaintances and so-forth, somehow we went from being friends to followers, followers to stalkers and ultimately sellers of mass marketing! This is why most people begrudgingly hit “like,” even when they didn’t fully read a friends or followers text. All leading up to the inevitable “I know not all will read this but send, share or comment if you’re really my friend” scenario.

Ever glanced over (yet another story) of someone’s success, pain or personal vent, just to put up an emoji of acknowledgement? How about not truly feeling the connection or care to even call the friend or follower to personally congratulate, console or commune with them? If so, It’s not your fault or mine for that matter but it is a sign of the times.

Need a quick example? Here’s how misconstrued communication has developed, have you ever responded to someones birthday by using just the acronym HBD, an emoji birthday cake or because you were too busy scrolling to text Happy Birthday, I love you friend!? How about not even knowing it was “your friend’s birthday in the first place, until a media-influence based algorithm, reminded you “let such-in-so know you’re thinking about them . . .” Come on, most are too busy or could care less, but just as with any failed relationship, people tend to just go through the motions anyway; being they were falsely conditioned from the start.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or even you’re a bad person but again, let’s be honest! To the women, If at the beginning of your engagement, your soon-to-be sent you a diamond emoji ring, popped the question, with celebratory flowers and a teddy bear, that’s not the same as a man submitting on one knee, asking for your hand in marriage. Not to forget professing his unconditional love for you in the company of many witnesses! If I’m wrong, I’d might as well emoji my mortgage company, a fist full of dollars paired with a happy face stating “paid in full!” Lets just see where that relationship takes us! 

Thinking about it, no one cares to be sold on a friendship, especially when it feels more-so about egoism, the number of friends or followers personally acquired, and or the immediate release of information as constituents for third party contacts; better known as advertisers! 

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Go ahead, please prove my dismal understanding wrong regarding the fall of communication. And worst yet don’t even call them, let them call you! Give them a day, 72 hours or even a week, how many authentic calls do you receive from your media influenced contacts?

Out of the boasted hundreds or even thousands of friends and followers, are we really making a difference in others lives or have we become the hands and feet of media influenced propaganda, all about the sale, egoism and ultimately stalkers of sensationalism. In this, equaling the sum total of society’s personal information.

Bottom line, when did friends become followers and followers become stalkers? I’m thinking the day we personalized ourselves as media-influenced idols, as opposed to shaking hands, getting out and trying new things and or sharing in-person conversations to establish compatibility.

In all what am I trying to say? Let’s start over. Is there anything you feel I can help you with? Is there a resource of kindness, information or inspiration we can empower each other by opening up and sharing? Would you like to be friends?

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I ask this because I’m in the spiritual business of course correction by way of the living word of God. I’m a leader by example but please know, I’m not looking for followers, I’m looking for believers! Not to do my will but the will of God, and in doing so creating leaders as well.

It is my faith and focused prayer, that we in society re-establish a true friendship in lifestyle; not to recruit friends to become followers and so on. Lastly, I know you’re not a robot, so you don’t have to hit like or send an emoji. Just pick up the phone and re-establish the essence of friendship with someone of choice. I love you friend, God bless.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson



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Recently at one of my book signings a scholarly gentleman approached my table. There was no eye contact being he was drawn to the title of my newest book The Book of Wisdom: The Age of Mindfulness. After reading the title out loud he chuckled slightly and said “a book on wisdom, in such a small book.” Then he looked up at me as I smiled confidently and responded yes within this book. He wanted to say something I could tell but instead he smile politely and walked away.

He had all the information he could mentally digest that is, in his perceived world of understanding; so he left. This is why I refrain from insisting, convincing or persist that people understand, comply or even purchase my writings just out of politeness. Rather I choose to share the simple truth (keyword simple) but then again, truth is not often easily digested. Know that just because a topic has been misconstrued and expected to be complicated, doesn’t mean it needs to be explained or written in a complicated fashion to advance the attention it deserves.

Getting back to the scholarly gentlemen’s comment regarding wisdom within “such a small book,” allow me to elaborate. I was being kind by writing a 206 page book on wisdom, with an emphasis on today’s marketing viability. Also the title states ‘the age of Mindfulness” pertaining to today’s societal norms, not just old Testament bibliographic referencing of the living word of God.

In total honesty, all of wisdom can be explained in one paragraph, expressed in a matter of seconds and ultimately shown by example; instantaneously! Here’s what I’m saying, wisdom can be written in one word and again let’s be honest, if I were to write that word, print it on a piece of paper and bond it between the front and back cover page of my book, it would’ve been perceived as a failed joke. Only thing is that one word, as simple as it is, would have been the absolute truth. Think about it, losing weight is simple if we except truth. How to get six pack abs are simple, if  we except truth and how about this, making it to heaven is extremely easy (when it’s our time) if we except truth. Do we really need millions upon millions of dollars spent each year, specifically targeting a market on how to lose weight? Apparently so (hence market viability) being most have not accepted correctness. Moreover, do I need to write a thousand page book on wisdom to a society that has developed an media related attention span? Not at all, people want their wifi fast, their coffee hot and their news live as it develops!

In today’s society, we’ve been conditioned to expect a certain value per expectation times ratio. We want to be captivated, convince and sold quickly on subjects, objects or projects, being it relates to less decision making time, which equates to more play, lust and relaxation time for the duped consumer. For instance, how many times can we be convinced that the next new trend in smartphones, are actually adding any true value to our lives?

The day the powers that be develop a phone that has an anti-gravitational mechanism, which levitates off the earth’s magnetic surface, preventing dropped phones from cracked screens I’ll be convinced. Or maybe just develop a crack/shatter-free phone, that in itself would be at least on the verge of interesting. I know both phones are possible, being I’ve seen this in a vision but by that time, many will be restored back to telepathy, resulting in the vast fall of cellular-human tracking *(CHT). That’s right I said it, being I’m not worried about certain people actually reading my material, and that’s totally fine!

In conclusion, just be mindful when it comes to shared knowledge, new information and or the availability to spiritually learn and discern for yourself, least you very well may walk away from truth in the matter of this reality.  By the way, if you’re that certain type of person that’s been caught up or curious regarding that one word, describing wisdom mentioned prior; COME ON! I’ve written it seven times already. *All will come to pass, within the light.

God bless your journey.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


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Want balance in your life regarding relationships? First “remove all doubt, what you know and what you think you know about a person and give them 100% of your trust, honesty and affection.” Do this and patiently, faithfully wait. Just keep smiling and loving life enjoying the blessed seed you’ve sown. After awhile (a short while) if it’s not reciprocated, move on. Easier said than done, I understand but if you truly want balance in your life, it’s up to YOU to step off the scale of probability, enablement and codependency and invest, love, respect and develop, someone who’s willing to (at the least) meet you halfway. In this you would have established a common ground i.e. the first stage of balance. This applies to all relationships: careers, friendships, place of worship, old acquaintances, family members, coworkers, financial investments and so on. No, I didn’t include marriages (that’s another post – if you’d like)! Last point, and it’s a biggie! If at first you have a doubt, whether it’s you, your past or the other party, you’re already headed in the WRONG direction! Here’s the remedy, deal with yourself first, forgive yourself, remove all baggage and love yourself enough to faithfully move on into God’s favor for your life. What happens next is totally up to you. I suggest, removing all doubt, what you know and what you think you know about a person and give them 100% of your trust, honesty and affection.”

*There is a difference between waiting, being patient and allowing time for a relationship to develop. Just know if you’re at the ultimatum stage, the prior differences mentioned, may have turned into denial. You deserve better! Find – your – balance!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson