If you’ve purchased any of my books and discovered something thought provoking, mind-blowing or even that of constructive criticism, please let’s create an open dialogue for greater communication. Remember, we have a developing ongoing spiritual relationship/responsibility regarding a higher development of mind, body and spirit. Let’s be honest, most books are not read in their entirety, not to mention fully understood prior to being expedited to a shelf as room decor. Please understand my books were written for a completely different purpose. In other words not just to make a sale! If you’ve purchased out of politeness, friendship or the professionalism of just wanting to add to your collection of autographed literary works by authors, thank you but know there’s more in your hands than you realize. I’m not an author struggling or desperately  writing to become successful, I’ve already reached a level of success God has ordained upon my life. Therefore I write in the glory of God’s purpose for my life’s work (said in total humbleness)!

In other words I’m writing out of the pleasure of committed anointment, not under stress, nor financial need or the obligation of a deadline. Again, I’m not soliciting sales for the continuation of a lavish lifestyle or the hope thereof. I didn’t go out and purchase a thousand dollar suit, an expensive watch or dawn pictures of the lifestyle of the rich and famous set behind me to captivate your attention. Although countless studies have shown this to work time and time again! Bait and click models tempting buyers to indulge in “quick fixes, a magic pill or the next best thing,” as opposed to sowing a meaningful seed, which manifest future blessing of abundance, health and happiness honestly is becoming more cumbersome to share. In total transparency, I know this goes against the entrepreneurial mindset but truthfully, being an author doesn’t warrant a billionaire lifestyle (it’s a rarity if so) but if done right, it solidifies the continuation of purposed driven inspiration for future importance.

When I write, It’s not out of idolatry, celebratory ego or validation of importance but rather, I write for the legacy of my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and future generations – not just my own! In this I encourage you as well to read, discern, preserve and seek out good spiritual bible based literature for friends, family or future potentials within and around your environment.

Please collect as many books on truth and positive understandings within the living word of God as you possibly can, then one day compare them to future publications. You’ll be uncomfortably amazed how history will change meanings, definitions and teachings towards our future children/generations; 14264092_1227252730641896_3534108924108081641_nyou know the ones that’ll be taking care of us AND the continuation of life.

Again, I’m writing to share wisdom, life experiences and love within others looking for blessed-tangible answers, regarding the difficulties in life by way of  leadership by example. As such, I offer a call to action by establishing dialogue as we  journey through life’s overall purposes.

Lastly, whenever the book calls you to read through the chapters, remember you can call or contact me and share, discuss or confirm that “we are as one” within the unfathomable wisdom of the Holy Spirit. God bless, see you within the pages and enjoy this journey!