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Would you know greatness if you saw it? Would you recognize it immediately, smile, let down your guard momentarily and model respect within its company?  Of course you would; selfies, fist bumps and autographs right?

We have a tendency to perk up around authoritative, confident and beautiful people. It’s just the human condition to warm up, get close, engage and become a part of what we’ve learned to respect, acknowledge and often idolize. Why? Because it’s a choice we’ve decided to give our attention to! Sounds a bit too simple at first, regarding the depths of realization, so allow me to emphasize. We place value on what we believe in, give time to or what’s been taught as a worthy thing.

Celebrities, athletes and authoritative figures become great by the acknowledgements of people like us. It’s often a slow process that builds over time. These figures whom we hold in high regard, develop who they are first! They relentlessly work on their craft, invest in themselves physically, mentally and spiritually with healthy activities, positive networkings, education and of course money. They often take great leaps of faith to obtain what’s needed to personify what they believe in and how they perceive themselves to be; which eventually reflects their level of success. Think about it, they believe in themselves, they invest in themselves and ultimately visualize themselves into fruition.

What’s the outcome? When we see or interact with them, we acknowledge them as beautiful, confident and of an authoritative status. Thus, we give them our undivided attention, our vote, our respect and to some degree our money (i.e. merchandising, donations and or investments).

Can you imagine if LeBron James entered a basketball stadium and suddenly none of his fans showed up to ever watch him play again? Nor ever buy his shoes, products or care to watch his televised games. He’ll still be 6 ft 8 inches tall, 249 lbs and one heck of an incredible athlete, BUT I can guarantee you he’ll soon lose endorsements, a place on the team and countless other avenues of passive income. Would he still be great? Of corse! If he believed in himself as a man of purpose, without the need of fans, sponsorship or sports.

Know that we, as the collective multitude are the ones who deem him worthy of greatness. Again, with our time, endorsements and money. Do you realize that there are incredible, powerful and spiritually important people around us everyday? Hidden potentials behind passive smiles, unknowing miracle workers buried under depression and not the least of which, greatness filled with the abilities of love and abundance gone unnoticed within a minefield of stress.

Again, would you really know greatness if you saw it? Guess it depends on who’ve you given a majority of attention to; right? 

Here’s a suggestion; this is what I do in recognition of greatness. When I get up, at the start of my work day and gaze begrudgingly into the mirror trying to wake up, I remind myself that God created something great within me to achieve. I then acknowledge my wife as she sleeps in with the kids as the greatest woman, mother and friend God has provided for my calling. And most of all, I praise God for another chance to lead by example, provide for my family and interact with people whom I can help find the greatness within themselves!

In conclusion, I’m surrounded by greatness everyday! In you, in me and in God’s creation of a blessed life worth acknowledging as your own. So again, would you know greatness if you saw it? For starters, try looking in the mirror! Start investing more time, love and forgiveness into your heart, as well as what God has already embedded within you. Soon after, when this is accomplished, start to look at others the same way! Only then, will greatness go without question.

God bless you, you amazingly beautiful person of greatness!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson