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I thank God I’ve learned to use the circumstances of negative opinions, outcomes and attacks as fuel towards my purpose. This as opposed to allowing the energetic vibrations of others to simply fade away. Although positive fuel burns brighter in the form of inspiration, negative fuel converted properly, at the least; can be used as a specific type of motivation. (i.e. the motivation to stop and reflect deeper within oneself.)

Of course my all-time go to is God and what he embedded within my heart, but every now and then I do get a boost from those who can’t help but to conjure up their best opinions against my spiritual understandings or actions. I’m sure they’re trying to give their best heartfelt advice, but it shouldn’t turn into a “I’m right and you’re wrong” conversation. Here’s a few quick examples:

An atheist (a self-proclaimed witch) reviewed my book The Consciousness of Man. She stated that she was disheartened and she didn’t like my books, being it didn’t share the worldly views of nonbelievers. I commented back to her thank you for the review and to please visit my website at her leisure.

An associate of mine (a chronic chain smoker) became increasingly adamant as to why I needed to eat meat and dairy for protein, as opposed to my choice of becoming a vegan. He was so caught up in his opinions, he stated that choosing to go vegan was very dangerous for my body.

Lastly, I put a banana in the window above my desk, simply to bask in the sunlight prior to consuming its heightened values of nutrients. Minutes later after returning, I found that this simple act of placing a part of my lunch in the window, soon turned into an enormous controversial debate over politics, advertisement and racial inequalities. How? From a standing position a few feet from the area, the banana with the beautiful brightness of the day behind it, casts a dark image which looks exactly like the NIKE logo! Need I say more? (concerning an athlete’s choice of protest and a corporations brilliant business move.)

Here’s what I’m trying to say, a shoe is just a shoe for the specific purposes of dress, activity or casual wear. Still to date, I haven’t seen any democrats or republicans burning their toupees because they disagree with our current president’s decision methods. If one’s choice is to not believe in God, then maybe reviewing a book subtitled “a Guide Through the Darkness” isn’t in best regards to one’s personal genre; especially if they practice witchcraft.

And lastly, for the sake of all mental clarity, if one is born with the physical genetics of a 125 lb triathlete, with the ability to pull off wearing yoga pants just for the heck of it, i.e. shopping, attending parent teacher conferences or just to walk their dog, please stop overly simplifying diet and control to those of different challenges and physical compositions!

Bottom line, a choice is a choice and ones opinion is just that; one’s opinion! We buy into things that presumably make us feel worthy, happy or fulfilled, and that’s okay; to each their own. Only when it comes to becoming unsettled, opinionated or angry at others ideas, reasonings or understandings, it turns into something unnecessarily negative. This as opposed to the energetic, positive sharing of influential communication we should share as friends, families or acquaintances!

How as a society can we connect, learn and grow if we’re misunderstanding, judging or fighting one another on a constant basis? Which brings me to my conclusion, It’s not that we don’t like, care to agree or even trust each other, but maybe we really don’t know who we are or what we truly stand for; which in turn misrepresents our belief systems, conscious awareness and ultimately our personal opinions.

The Nike corporation didn’t deceive us, nor did our president, they’ve been doing their thing from the very start. Bottom line, they know exactly what they want, stand for and promote. The real question is, do we really know what we want or stand for? Do we have our own motto, family-quarterly business meetings and goal setting standards in which to continuously improve upon? Or are we deceiving ourselves, readily awaiting to casts our views and opinions on another’s act of purpose? I mean come on, it was just a banana – in the window!

God bless.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson