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Give more time helping others, as opposed to helping yourself and watch your emotional health grow.

Spend more money blessing others and witness seeds sown flourish, far beyond worldly interests rates.

Any form of lust will deplete your financial and spiritual status but when love is shared by two, true richness is abound.

Your life’s work holds greater value, than any agreed upon compensation, especially while on someone else’s time clock.

Spend more time in prayer as opposed to worrying, day-dreaming or obsessing, being only one of the four can give you true hope.

Being honest, trustworthy and humble is an absolute necessity in sharing, if you want it in return within any form of relationship (financially, spiritually or physically).

Lastly, before implementing any of the previous suggestions, please become whole first!  A glass half full has little to share; subjectively speaking.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson