LEADERS LEAD - Made with PosterMyWall (2)

What stems from the accepted norm of following, camouflaged as friending, polite networking or socializing? The inevitable realization that one may not be on their chosen path later in life. There’s a time for everything including, learning, nurturing and loving but remember, if a person loses their place in purpose i.e. following others God given dreams, they may end up lost in a world of personal darkness. In this, they’d be blind by definition, otherwise not fit for those who follow them!

This is why true leaders lead, thus bringing forth new leaders to continue the process of growth, prosperity and the continuation of light within the world. Leaders continuously sacrifice for the purposes of parenting, friending and leading others to find this coveted light; which of course is already within you. Question is, which are you?

Lead on, you beautiful blessed soul of God!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson