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There are so many forms of advice and information out there, it’s amazingly mind-boggling isn’t it? Has it ever seem to overwhelm, distract or anger you? Maybe it’s starting to make you feel apprehensive or standoffish at the very sight of yet another person or source, seemingly suggesting you’re not really good enough and they have the secret formula for making life better, but at what price; right? Rather it’s to reel you in for a sale or maybe it’s at the expense of your time, in the sense that the advisor is trying to convince you of their authoritative status; maybe it’s something more insidious.

Either way, it’s unfortunate that over time good information has fallen subject to financial manipulation, misinformation and worse yet apathy. Know that this feeling isn’t natural! The sudden eagerness to question, combat with opinionated judgement or completely disregard truth within natural law has been cultivated and psychologically planted deep into our mental storehouse; specifically over the last several decades.

So what do we do? How can we decipher between good information and bad? The good news, bad news and now the ever-so present click-bait and fake news. For starters, let’s first acknowledge our personal levels of awareness. In this let’s take a good look at ourselves, current place in life regarding health, happiness and financial status, and if honestly feasible; mental state. If we as a society can get to this place in mindfulness, we stand a much better chance at perceiving, absorbing and becoming aware of the simple truth of things.

That is, we would have a formidable tool of advantage by developing within us the power of discernment. This in turn will further our acquirement of  truth, knowledge and wisdom in the face of lies, wickedness and distractions.

Now with that said, who are we first; prior to seeking or being subjective to new, present or even past information? Knowing this will help answer or combat most delusions already manifested deep within our mindset.

So, here’s a simple awareness test in (possibly) figuring out how you not only perceive information, but also how you accept or reject past, present or future information. Thus, determining your level of success, awareness, contentment or subjectiveness to worldly news, views and understandings.

Do you believe in God?

And there it is! End of test.

If you believe, then your transition of understanding was probably like “yes, but where’s he going with this? If you don’t believe, you probably were like “here we go again! He had to church it up!”

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter in the sense of the question. I could’ve asked, do you believe in magic, love or the justice system. Either way, the point is that you already have an established go-to system and the principalities of this world depends upon it. Better question is, who put this go-to system in place? And, why do we implement this system hook line and sinker? This is why whether you believe or not, other entities believe in you! And, how impressionable your mind is at specific times.

What I’m trying to do is help people discover who they are, prior to any form of information gathering or receiving. For instance, are you cynical, in denial, happy or  just a bit sarcastic? The answer to this question depends upon one’s current place in life right? If I asked do you believe in marriage, but you were recently divorced; you’d probably vent with a one-sided opinionated mouthful.

So this goes to say, at any given time we can change our “go-to” system of believing. This is why the media is the king of advertising. From toy commercials after school to million dollar ads during the Super Bowl that prove the powers that be believe in you! Why? Because they know that without proper discernment, you, I or anyone can be convinced of almost anything!

So after years of being deceived, convinced and manipulated, it’s safe to say that most people are suffering from mental, spiritual and trust issues. That was the original plan put in place, being the powers that be dread the day when people start to become awaken!

So, if you ever feel antagonistic, sick or religiously judgmental at the very sight of someone passionately holding a bible in the air, posting spiritual awareness info on social media or maybe even a friend or family member offering their best advice, know that it’s not you, but possibly a mental state place deeply within; preventing or distracting one from discovering the truth of light. You never know right? I guess it’s up to your discernment.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson