photography of a person pointing on something
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

I know you are but what am I, says the man in the mirror. Ponder this for a moment. A person standing in front of a mirror, acknowledging through one’s reflection, a perceived image of one’s self, yet truthfully knows nothing about the spiritual workings within their mind, body or spirit. Seriously, think about it, what do we know of the mind, body or spirit? Honestly, little at best.

We only know what we’ve been told, persuaded by or have submitted to — as easily digestive truth. Recently, a philosopher begged to differ with me on this subject, telling me “we have immense knowledge about the human race regarding mind, body and spirit!”

I asked define we? He replied emphatically “the human race!” I smiled and said did you actually speak to the entire human race and come to that conclusion, or are you reflecting on the collective data gathered over centuries regarding advancements in medical science, bias historical evidence regarding religion and future technologies?

He said “of course, we have tables, charts and years of collective data which is core evidence of man’s evolution and advancement over time.” I humbly replied, “says the man standing in the mirror, convinced of one’s self through the eyes of the world.” He paused for a moment in complete wonder and said “hey, in the world I live in we do our best.” I smiled as he walked away, but again do we really know ourselves regarding mind, body and spirit? I ask this in part being most assume, judge or confidently suggest they know others, even though they may not fully have a sense of who they are themselves.

Do most even care, being they’ve accepted their reflection, personal perception or social contentment? I can’t answer this question for others or for that matter the world but one can ask, with all the advancements of our so-called human intellect, space travels, bioengineering and so forth, how is there still racism, sickness and poverty upon the earth? All this sensationalistic talk within society about personal self development, enlightenment and how to become a millionaire in five key steps is mind-boggling to me. Not to mention paired with all the “years of collective data” regarding the positive growth and accomplishments of mankind’s evolution.

What does this have to do with racism, sickness, poverty or personal reflection? Everything! Or better yet everything that is the essence of you mentally, physically and spiritually, being you are more than someone’s image, collective data or personal reflection. You are an in-progress, developmental masterpiece of God’s creation! Knowing this on an individual basis, while developing your spiritual senses are what’s needed to overcome loss of identity within this world. Know this, if you are blinded by the distractions of this world, you become a follower of its doings, if you become a follower you’ve submitted to being lead by the world, if you’re being lead, what world are you truly living in? I hope it’s not the same world the philosopher was referring too, being that doing our best, may not be actually our best, but rather a worldly image, reflected within the mirror they’ve provided. Think about it, because now the tables have turned. In other words upon my awakening, I know who I am and I’m more than a reflective image of worldly conditioning. So the next time you see a reflection of yourself, or you look in the mirror at God’s perfect creation, ask yourself; who are you?

*Seek thee out beyond the limit of complacent teachings and what has been given shall be revealed.

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson