Are we spreading the good news or are we spreading ourselves a bit too thin with media influenced propaganda? Are we providing what’s really important regarding news or are we simply sharing, posting and retweeting what the powers that be created to fill our sensationalistic soap opera cravings?

Think about it, from wooden soap box crates, positioned perfectly in our neighborhood parks, to the data based drama of scandals, lies, twists and turns stewing within instant notifications. Somehow, most have fallen into the mindset of enthusiastically sharing, potentially destructive information. From the nostalgics stories of our grandparents exercising their right to freedom of speech, to a meme with over a million views. From a time when people could listen without being censused, to our living room devices, blanketed behind a wall of controlled algorithms. What in the world has happened? By now one would think we’d have a grip on the situation!

Yet still, in today’s society, some sit back comfortably in the privacy of their wifi-ed homes and boast, “take that, I sent that to the whole world, now everyone will know the truth!” but the truth may only be what one has been influenced to believe and in that, only a small fraction of people will see the heartfelt post anyway, that is prior to being buried under the constant stream of newer posts, reminders and ads. To no avail though, being in most people’s mindsets it’s like “yeah! I got a hundred likes!” Sounds kinda like good news, right? Which is exactly why most remain content.

Only in actuality, all one did was tell the government whose side they’re on, and who’s in your circle of trust. Not to forget on the opposite side, where your stuck with the snide comments of your friends, co-workers or family members soon to blot you off their invite list, being you’ve voiced your opinion regarding a certain presidential candidate.

I know this speaks of my age and it should! I’m sure that more than a few probably don’t know what a soap box is and that’s understandable, especially since we’ve become conditioned to communicate digitally, but there is good news or should I say an awareness. What’s good about this awareness is, the future leaders of this world are currently evolving; rapidly.

They don’t use social media to create a digital footprint of their minds, orientation or intentions, they’re not bound by any third party entrapments, belong to any organization by membership, fee or bloodline. And they are definitely not a part of the created school structure we’ve been enslaved to trust in. They just are, they’re the future, and what they’ll share will be of benefit and great blessings to those that once was lost.

I don’t care to share or give much attention regarding the problems, issues and concerns within the powers that be. It does nothing for my purpose, spiritual growth or learning process if I waste time, obsessing over their blunders or successes. So I’m just going to continue to focus on myself, sharing the experience of enlightenment and learning from my own personal mistakes and achievements.

lastly, if you have a concern or problem with the powers that be, become a power yourself worth reckoning with, but not on their playing field. Remember to dance with the devil, means you’re already in hell, and there lies a song and dance, that’ll never end. Personally, I’d rather focus on the good news, that is the original purpose within the children of God.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson