By Popular Understanding; the end quote

Footprints of The Mind


“Most aspire to be successful, in a minefield of needs,

But   money  over  mindfulness,   mines  madness   indeed.

Moreover, mined your minds’ mine in the mysticism of the blind,

May  you  find  the  hidden  footprints,  as   found  in  the  eye  of  mine.”

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson

At the end of my poem, a few friends wanted more understanding as to Its meaning and why certain words we’re in italics. Here’s a deeper look into the parable. Know that within the last forty-two words, I wanted to focus on a message consisting specifically on seven italicized words. In this, shedding light on a much deeper meaning regarding word use.


To be successful over madness, mined your hidden I.”

(The seven key words within the end quote explained)

To = Expressing motion in the direction of (personal achievement) a particular interest.

Successful = Accomplishing an aim or purpose. Achieving one’s desire of happiness within a healthy/functional lifestyle for oneself and others.

Over = Expressing authority or control, rising above.

Madness = The state of being mentally ill (regarding today’s zeitgeist), especially severely.  The chosen action of extremely foolish behavior and or the state of frenzied/ chaotic behavior.

Mined = Excavation in the soil (or richness of mind) for extracting an abundant source of something.

Hidden = Out of sight; concealed, (as in repressed personal feelings) intentionally or unintentionally kept out of sight.

I = Noun (the I) Philosophy (in metaphysics) the subject or object of self-consciousness; ego, OR was I referring to the pineal gland?

Why I chose the word mysticism.

In today’s society, most feel inadequate in comparison to what is thought to be accepted, even beautiful or successful. In this, people often feel a need to catch up, become a part of or rise above the achievements of others. Such thinking critiques the true essence of life and in doing so, intrigues people to go desperately in search of whatever makes them feel free, in control or empowered.

Intriguers such as mindfulness, enlightenment and yes even mysticism. These examples in no way indicates negativity, but upon the non-spiritually initiated by way of the living word of God, does indicate the possible development of pseudo understanding in truth. 

As such, mysticism is defined as (most often) characterized by self-delusion, dreamy confusion of thought, especially when based on the assumption of occult qualities or mysterious agencies.

Know that many look for a way out of what they believe is spiritual persecution but know that avoiding truth, to find what is convenient for personal choice is a form of denial. Guidelines within the bible are not to harm you, but rather help, heal and share what is conducive to your physical as well as spiritual being. Seek not into the mystic for complacency or thought, least the footsteps taken will guide you into the blindness of the lost.

The three points of cognitive awakening; answered.

Yes, I was referring to the seat of the mind.

Yes, the format was meant to be in the shape of a pyramid.

Yes, the upside down eye represents something worth looking into.

Please remember poems, analogies and parables speaks differently to different people. Take what you can utilize and absorb the rest if possible. One day It may make all the difference within the subconsciousness of your temple.

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson