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It amazes me how most people work, live and play to the standards, expectations and opinions of others; it’s simply a massive waste of one’s time. As if  these others are the authoritarians over another’s personal life! For instance, God created you and I perfectly! Ushered in by his masterfully skilled hands and timed us just right to thrive and develop within this era. Not only to be and grow into who he created us to be in a timely fashion, but to keep our minds focused on him and not the wiles or concerns of others.

Yes, at times, heartfelt opinions, mentorship and the love of others best advice, is a much needed comfort. Only that’s not my point, what I’m speaking on is when subconsciously, people fall into the mindset and expectations of others; as opposed to following God’s will. With this said, who’s the authoritarian of your life? Who do you really work for, live, or play for?

Maybe a better question who is living out, working through or vicariously playing with your life? Are you on the perfectly time scheduled God has set for your destiny or are you wound back on someone else’s clock? This is why I say don’t spend, waste or invest time, money or mind into something non-conducive toward your spiritual purpose. Don’t give of your heart and energy to a cause or idea, not beneficial of your calling or for the need of others God placed in your care. Grow your family, grow in self-awareness and give what God has given unto you to help others. In this, allow your God given time, to be a time where you give God back some time. And in this time, you would have invested in time well spent, not for others but for yourself, your loved ones and your true purpose.

Our time is limited, use it well. Before spending (more) time on yourself, spend time with someone or something that can return a blessed beneficial reward. I get it, in today’s mindset we all need some alone time, a break or that well deserved vacation but after awhile, these could develop into excuses! What we need more than anything, is to be realigned with spiritual peace. Why? Because the aftermath of taking that so-called time away, we find that we’re right back where we started, dealing, living and hiding from the true problem. Know that a break is just that, a break from whatever your (temporarily) trying to get away from. Thing is, leaving the problem only to return is madness right? That’s like being in an abusive relationship, breaking up and leaving with tons of baggage, then returning back to the source of the abuse completely refreshed, with the mindset things will be different now!

Yes, jobs can be difficult, relationships with friends, family or spouses at times can be painstaking. Traffic gets ridiculous, water cooler talk makes no sense whatsoever and the constellations within the universe aren’t lining up the way we’d like, but we can change this for someone else’s reality right?. You and I can be a blessing in another’s life, why not? If we want it for ourselves, lets be it for others first and witness how limitless our time will become. Only here’s a twist, could it possibly be something uncovered within us? Maybe it’s the circle of friends we’ve chosen, the job or even a relationship we dare not think of separating from? Now we’re really getting into the troubled waters of wasted time.

Not dealing with self is the most detrimental of all, which is the enemy from withins’ playground, constantly reminding of past failures, mistakes and self-induced barriers only to manifest thoughts of crippling fear, all to keep one at a state of complacency. So are we really managing our time well or are we still just trying to figure it all out? Remember we can’t take a vacation from ourselves i.e. mental bondages, but with the love of God, we can face, figure out, forgive and forget, all that once held us back in spiritual contempt. Either way, we’re all in this together and how we spend time together, helping, sharing and loving each other will provide the best benefit to a time well spent.

God bless!

Personal Note:

In total humbleness, I love my life. I’ve lived, learned and have developed a heart for sharing my best in hopes of shedding light on spiritual and personal development. If it enlightens you, reminds you or helps you to seek for yourself, God bless. If my purpose in sharing it’s not for you, God bless just the same. Whether we’re on the same page or not, whether we consider ourselves lions or Lamb’s, trust me within the chapters of time, we’ll all want our names written, spoken and acknowledged in the Book of Life.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson