Are you walking in faith or vicariously following the opinions of others?




Stand firm and steady your mind from opinionated fears. Whether from external or from within, remember you are blessed with a most beautiful peace within your purpose. Know that most perceived images or unwarranted whispers are not usually your own, but rather insidious distractions, embedded for the specific purposes of manifesting doubt. Upon this doubt naturally births hesitation, within hesitation is an unwarranted life, which often cripples your forward progression.

It is at this point when you should stop and take personal inventory of who’s speaking round you, persuading or leading your atmosphere. Simply notice but don’t judge, for the negative people in your circle are momentary as well as for your immediate development as a true leader. Acknowledge that their desire for sensationalistic drama is often satisfied by your pain, verbal tantrums or insecurities; don’t vent lest they siphon your life force. I know it feels good to vent while rhetorically expressing your pain, but know this pain is personal fuel for your spiritual growth, not others envious gluttony of your zeal. Take back your journey and walk within the confidence of your spiritual intuition, it remains seeded as that little whisper in your heart. It’s there for your beckoning and will remain if you accept it as your own, not for others manipulation.

Please know that there is so much value and blessed purpose in your life, that you must bare it, step by step mistakes and all. Proceed in faith and believe in the blessed purpose of good within your heart; this will lead you as well as others close to you to a paradigm of happiness and abundance. Humbleness is the way, so steady your mind and walk upon the solid foundation already created within you. Do this at your own pace and with the respect for others purposely trying or inadvertently trying to persuade your path. Let them know that their opinions are duly noted but you are within the favor of God’s provisions, held to the most high in his glory.

Please accept that you are an amazing person, no need for the validations or opinions of others treading the same issues. You are complete, you just need to quiet the chatter and pray in the peace, evoke the silence and rest your query mind. In this, advice and confirmation will reveal itself by the mindfulness of your temple and the comforter within your journey. So until the true awakening of the nay-sayers suddenly coping with your true purpose, continue your walk and recite this over and over again. You are amazing, you are beautiful in many ways, you are of great purpose and you walk within a pace creatively timed and favored by God.

Within this understanding, no others insinuations will mislead your life, no other comments will validate who’d they think you to be and lastly, no others opinions will distract your anointed walk in faith. Journey on in peace you amazingly wonderful gift from God. Go ahead, quiet your mind and listen to your heart, walk at your own spirit filled pace and faithfully step into the glory of your victory. Shhh, you hear that? Silence, you’ve made it! What I’d tell you, no opinions necessary!