Do you like me, yes or no?

Ok lets slow this down a bit shall we, it’s not like its light speed or even close. Only slowing down to reminisce the innocence of the childlike question, summons briefly that breath of fresh air swept away by the winds of time. Recalling these moments are far from the whimsical  recollections camouflaged as day dreaming, being they still reside in your heartfield. At any given moment in your life, it can be reached upon to help remind you that transformation of self,  is more than a figure of imagination in this reality. Finding a way to reach back is the way to this enlighten path, but first one must forget, before resurrecting the freedom once blissfully enjoyed as a child. Do you remember the nostalgic thoughts and nervous yet inquisitive feelings, rumbling in your belly while sitting next to your schoolmate love? Can you recall the chill of goosebumps arising, as you anxiously awaited an answer from that crush, just two desks down? How jittery your fingers were when you forced the words onto paper, before passing it along with hopes of getting a glimpse of a received smile? Whatever happen to those days of innocent thought with just a hint of mischief? Remember flying a kite or holding hands while taking a long walk? What about going to the park where there’s already a BBQ grill built in? Remember when a few dollars made you feel wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, because it was all yours to spend at the candy store? Have we lost the simpler way of life by way of age, time or regret? Red light-Green light anyone? How about freeze tag or possibly playing jacks?

No different from your tree climbing, skate boarding and pavement scraped scar barely visible on your knee, these light hearted fun filled days are still apart of who you are, still deeply embedded within your mental store house. Only after years of the cultural melting pot, SAT scores, bills and overstimulation of news report and reality shows, just to name a few. The mind has been overwhelmed with  unnecessary stress filled issues, financial instabilities, relationship insecurities and self-prescribed guilt stimulated barriers. Also not to forget, the ever growing battle within our own exhausted state of consciousness, trying to live up to standards created by entities of purposed deception. The gravity of such problematic concerns inadvertently over time, tends to weigh down and suppress those bliss filled, carefree days. This is what I referred to as, “One must first forget.” Remember feeling protected and accepted? No worries whatsoever, because you knew someone was there when you needed to be picked up, held or rocked to sleep? Just how do we rekindle those nostalgic days of joy? 

The answer is much easier than most are ready to accept, even though we’ve been hearing it sporadically through our lives! Remember you have the power to change your reality by changing the way you perceive your environment to be, as mentioned this breath of life still resides in you; lets take a peak. Recall from the child in your mind, as you stuck your hand out the car window, while your parents took the scenic route to take in the sunset. As the chill of the wind flowed though your fingers, up and down as you glided through the air, what was on your mind? Nothing, at least nothing when it came to the previous stressors mentioned. It was simply nothing at all, you were free to imagine and unknowingly take for granted that all was right in the world, why? Because you felt safe. You were protected to feel free and now, somehow we’ve all grown up feeling the weight of the world subsequently surpassing that feeling of peace. So how do we “not think?” How do we become thoughtless of unnecessary responsibilities, fears and false representation of low self worth? We first must accept the things we cannot change, but develop faith that all can be done by the grace of God. If this isn’t your first initial route, try becoming “the protecter”yourself, for the rekindling of your spouses joy, family or friends. In this you’ll see truth revealed, as to remind you of your own blessed innocence as well.

This means the total sacrifice of yourself! Furthermore again, you’d draw out that beautiful childlike peace within your significant other mentioned prior! Upon diligent consistency you’ll eventually see the confirmation of miracles and find that its reciprocal unto you. Lastly, vigorously do battle within your mind, laying waste to all your lust, vices and manifested guilt trips created over time, but know this isn’t truly possible unless you submit to a power much higher than human potential. The point is to reconnect to that childlike freedom, never questioning yourself based off the wicked idolized perceptions scattered within the world. Know this, upon christ’s sacrifice you are free, but upon the wiles of your own guilt, you are damned. This is why transformation into mindfulness is key to your happiness as well as others around you. Once this is found, you’ll see just how beautiful this world is, as well as the beauty within your purpose. In my personal journey to enlightenment, I accomplished all three routes. First, I submitted to God’s provisions and mercy. With this humbleness now obtained, I then sacrificed my total self, mind, body and soul for the unconditional love of my future wife. In this, I fulfilled the covenant of marriage by the bonding of two held together within the law of our created purposes. By the both of us  becoming one in christ, I then possessed the strength to lay waste to the embedded fears, insecurities and manifested barriers hindering my mind from the awakening of true consciousness. So instead of simply rekindling the past, trying to hold on to that glimpse of innocence, I can freely enjoy the present in all its abundance, joy and happiness while walking into the future, enlightened with total peace. Gone are the days of the nervous, goose-bumped filled questionings, “Do you like me yes or no?” (which turns out to be a standard, suggested by the wiles of manifested insecurities set early in our childhood!)Now stands a man in complete confidence as mindfulness is reached, within the now and forevermore. Moreover, in my awakening of consciousness, I question with empathy not my or others approval for acceptance, but rather question them instead with the following,”Do you like yourself, YES or NO? 

Are you walking in faith or vicariously following the opinions of others?




Stand firm and steady your mind from opinionated fears. Whether from external or from within, remember you are blessed with a most beautiful peace within your purpose. Know that most perceived images or unwarranted whispers are not usually your own, but rather insidious distractions, embedded for the specific purposes of manifesting doubt. Upon this doubt naturally births hesitation, within hesitation is an unwarranted life, which often cripples your forward progression.

It is at this point when you should stop and take personal inventory of who’s speaking round you, persuading or leading your atmosphere. Simply notice but don’t judge, for the negative people in your circle are momentary as well as for your immediate development as a true leader. Acknowledge that their desire for sensationalistic drama is often satisfied by your pain, verbal tantrums or insecurities; don’t vent lest they siphon your life force. I know it feels good to vent while rhetorically expressing your pain, but know this pain is personal fuel for your spiritual growth, not others envious gluttony of your zeal. Take back your journey and walk within the confidence of your spiritual intuition, it remains seeded as that little whisper in your heart. It’s there for your beckoning and will remain if you accept it as your own, not for others manipulation.

Please know that there is so much value and blessed purpose in your life, that you must bare it, step by step mistakes and all. Proceed in faith and believe in the blessed purpose of good within your heart; this will lead you as well as others close to you to a paradigm of happiness and abundance. Humbleness is the way, so steady your mind and walk upon the solid foundation already created within you. Do this at your own pace and with the respect for others purposely trying or inadvertently trying to persuade your path. Let them know that their opinions are duly noted but you are within the favor of God’s provisions, held to the most high in his glory.

Please accept that you are an amazing person, no need for the validations or opinions of others treading the same issues. You are complete, you just need to quiet the chatter and pray in the peace, evoke the silence and rest your query mind. In this, advice and confirmation will reveal itself by the mindfulness of your temple and the comforter within your journey. So until the true awakening of the nay-sayers suddenly coping with your true purpose, continue your walk and recite this over and over again. You are amazing, you are beautiful in many ways, you are of great purpose and you walk within a pace creatively timed and favored by God.

Within this understanding, no others insinuations will mislead your life, no other comments will validate who’d they think you to be and lastly, no others opinions will distract your anointed walk in faith. Journey on in peace you amazingly wonderful gift from God. Go ahead, quiet your mind and listen to your heart, walk at your own spirit filled pace and faithfully step into the glory of your victory. Shhh, you hear that? Silence, you’ve made it! What I’d tell you, no opinions necessary!