Wow! I must be psychic, or something!

Photo by Emily Szucs Photography
Today I woke up early with a reinvigorating sense of self, not so surprising in my daily activities but today was slightly different. I felt a flow going through my body, that could only be described as an overwhelming abundance of confidence! Oddly enough I changed a few of my morning routines because today I felt, “as long as I clock in on time all would be well.” So, my morning starts and immediately, I bypass the television, turn the coffee on, let the dog out while simultaneously taking out the trash! On the way back in I straighten up the living room; being the triplets played pillow-wrestle mania as well as hide “ALL” the remote controls the night before. I then had the urge to change the toilet paper rolls, pickup the scattered dirty clothes from bathroom to the living room, all while brushing my teeth. When this was complete, I scampered off to work but suddenly felt the need to slowdown as I yielded to a speeding car that was tailgating me. It wasn’t five seconds afterwards before the shrieking lights and sounds of a police car appeared from seemingly nowhere, rushes up and passed me pulling over the guy that just sped by. “Whoa,” I thought to myself, “that would have been me!” Such is the equation of life, either way I arrive at work seconds from being late and my supervisor says, “Hey reg! you’re off today, unless you want to stay?” Immediately that confident flow kicked in as I replied, “Nope, I have something I need to do!” So, off I went but decided to go to the store and get some of my “honey to-do-list” items while purchasing some flowers. I quietly enter my home, set the flowers up and start making breakfast. Soon after I got the babies morning cups together, made sure they went to potty as we cuddled together on the couch to watch the peanut movie. About thirty minutes had passed and the sweet robust aroma of coffee, awakens my wife as she was confused to why she overslept. Moments later I apologized if my turning off her cellphone alarm caused anxiety, but I wanted her to sleep in. She looks at the kids and I all snuggled together, bellies full and relaxed but before she utters a word I say, “Baby your breakfast is in the oven,” as she smiles while holding the stem of the flower gently pressing the pedals to her nose. She then pours her coffee, grabs a blanket and snuggles in and gives me a look of the most innocence of beautiful admiration and says, “reggie, how in the world did you know?” I replied “baby, it’s not in the world that I know anything, rather it’s the love of my heart and within it, I may know just a few things, being it’s what I’d want to do for myself.” Simply put, If you have the strength to stand, you have the ability to help another that has fallen. In this humble sacrifice of self, relies the true power of God’s mercy.”
Mathew 7:12 ESV “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them . . .”