Happiness is Infectious?


Photo by Emily Szucs Photography


Say what? Happiness is infectious!

Yep! Coupled with appreciation, humbleness and a willingness to help others, a happy disposition actually promotes health, healing and fulfillment in life! So what’s changed? Absolutely nothing, it’s still there! But for some, may have unknowingly allowed their perception of happiness to be altered. For instance here’s a simply equation, healthy mind-healthy body. Depending on what you allow in your head can either be a benefit or a hindrance. This is to say if your morning consist of taking in overstimulated drama shows, sensationalistic media coverage and hours of gossip or complaining, chances are you’re swiftly becoming the embodiment of what’s being embedded in your mind. Good thing is there’s a turnaround! Good rest the night before, inspirational programs or meditation in the am or taking a walk through nature. Even at work, turn from the negative water cooler talk, programs and others searching to steal your joy. Try looking out into nature if needed, maybe talk to a “positive” coworker or supervisor about future advancement or plan to watch some good-humored comedy later on in the day. Personally, I found helping and laughing with others dramatically increased my happiness, not to forget finding that one special person that laughs at, around and often with you. Before you know it, you’ll find out just how infectious happiness can be. So become contagious with happiness and infect others with your gracious attitude, as it’s sure to promote positive return. Lastly, with total admiration and humbleness in our hearts, we at zoeylifesite want to express to you our deepest thanks and appreciation for taking time and visiting; journey well friends!