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Ever noticed how people go out of their way trying to convince others who they are? Or better yet who they envision themselves to be? Everybody wants some form of acceptance and I get it, but there comes a point when we must hold ourselves accountable, regarding the results of our actions; not cast blame when things don’t particularly go their way. Most blame the world, boss or spouse and not to forget blaming the devil. Really? The devil holds no power over your life whatsoever, he’s been out of commission since christ died and rose again, over 2000 years ago!

Know the only residual effects of his insidious nature remains in the cluttered perceptions of the mind. To identify this clutter more specifically would be that of  fear, guilt, temptation as well as the misperception of self worth. This in turn leads to trying to validate oneself, in order to fill the gaps of the aforementioned “clutter”within the mind. Of course this doesn’t apply to all, at any specific given time but rather throughout our course in life, especially the difficult moments when most are struggling for answers.

If you find yourself in this category or become aware of someone else pushing themselves on others to validate a certain perception, again often created to solidify or pacify their overconfidence or insecurities. Be forgiving and show empathy; were all at some point in time struggling to find our way. Also be aware of “the blind leading the blind,”circumstances. This is where issues arise from people trying to fill the gaps from others searching to do the same. Only problem is if “birds of a feather flock together,” where does new perspectives come from? In other words, there is no “real” growth if the misinformed content of the mind is being shared back and forth within a group or relationship.

This eventually leads to  the creation of false perceptions, desperately trying to validate themselves by filling an unexplained void in their purpose. Here’s my point, you were validated more than worthy since the moment you were conceived in the womb! We that have been born into this world was chosen victorious out of over 180 million sperm cells! All equipped with an insatiable  zest for life. But somewhere along the way most have changed from who they were meant to be, to that of the false perceptions of the world. A woman starving herself to skin and bones to become a model, when she was created and  anointed to be a district attorney.

A man created to father and raise the greatest president of our nation but chose to turn and barrel through, obtaining a Ph.D. and a hundred thousand dollars in school loans. In this, using all his God given ability to obtain a plaque on a wall, they’ll one day be boxed away shoved somewhere in an attic waiting a garage sale. Understand that we posses the strength and will to become whatever we want, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll be happy after achieving that goal. This is why finding our purpose is detrimental to the conducive lifestyle planned for our happiness.  It is my absolute confidence that you’ll find who you were created to be, upon transforming into an abundant lifestyle. Find your natural favor in life, not in the person you or someone else believes you to be, but reconnect to that carefree calling, embedded in your soul since childhood.

Seek within yourself before trying to validate through another’s perceptions, please take my word; you are amazing! If you’re happy, stay happy but if there’s the slightest inclination of doubt, that you’re not on the right path? Find a way to course correct by either praying for a worthy confidant, honest mentor or utilize trust within our website.

I found my way by submitting to a higher power but that’s just my character when it involves the mercy and blessed favor of God. What’s your character like? Do you feel the need for it to be validated? From my point of view and with all the love in my heart, I acknowledge you to be the greatest most spectacular person God created you to be, but that’s just my opinion; what’s yours? Please accept that you are in fact validated, blessed and purposely filled every moment you wake into a new day.  Stay blessed and enjoy this process, because you are without doubt on the right path.

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