Ahh, what’s up chef?

I’m a man of many passions but when it comes to culinary arts, lets just say “I’m satisfied, when your satisfied.”I simply have an insatiable desire, deep within my spirit to love by expression. I’ve been a professional/private chef for over 20 years and still today, I absolutely love to connect with others by way of sinfully delicious foods. This is an entree of my creation(Sautéed shrimp & scallops provencal w/stone pea and creamed grits. I’ve dubbed it it Euro-Cajun style(recipe upon request). This idea came about when I was an executive chef at a “hidden treasure of a restaurant,”in Ohio. It was privately own by an amazing family that shared the same spirit of hospitality, before I journeyed the path of becoming a transformational life coach. Now, as opposed to cooking sinfully delicious foods to satisfy and delight, I invest more on heavenly whole food items to heal your soul; from the inside out.” Eat to live, live to love and do it all over again.”  – chef Reginald