Age is “NOT” a number!

babyelephantPhotography by Jay Mantri

Yes, I know we’ve all heard this time and time again but trust me, it’s just a passive cliche. It’s often expressed as an analogy, to influence positive thought amongst the stigma of advancement in age. Let’s ponder a moment, don’t regret the time past, but do love the time that’s left. As for the young, don’t fear growing old and slowing down but fear wasting your time while speeding up. Fact is, old simply means having stood the test of time and living to tell the story behind it. Visualize if you will, drinking from a cup overflowing with a lifetime of experiences and wisdoms, or better yet try calling your parents, grandparents and elderly alike. When we acknowledge the beauty of a flower in bloom, we don’t judge it by the number of days in the garden but rather the beauty of its existence. The obedience of its fulfilled purpose in life, is how we acknowledge the legacy of its pollination. Adore every gray hair and love every wrinkle, because without age the beauty of life would be nonexistent.