Where’s the finish line?

Somewhere early along the course of our path, we’ve all been subject to the “traditional motivational speech” at the dinner table; stating that, “life is a race!” Now seasoned in our own experiences, its imperative to re-evaluate this form of autosuggested fear. At times the analogy can make its point but often it gets misconstrued into thinking everyone else is in direct competition with our personal goals and spirit filled intentions. Truth is there’s more than enough room in this world to be successfully abundant and prosperous But first to reach the goal, we must get over the “fear of fighting the world that evolves around us,” to overcoming the true enemy from within our on state of idealistic ways. Once we course correct our way of thinking, we can move freely without the clutter and entrapment of manifested fears.IMG_0095 “Life is a race?” not really because the true purpose of life is to be who you were created to be. In other words, finding your purpose and to do that, you must  accomplish two task. First, avoid the many distractions created or shared. Secondly listen to that small voice of valor and acknowledge the greatness within you. Lastly, to answer the question, there’s no “finish line” for the goodness we do. Establish your legacy now by racing to help others, instead of a trophy shelved high and doomed for dust. In this acknowledgement, I promise you your kindness will last for eternity.