A Rock is a Rock, and a Tree is a Tree 

A rock is a rock, and a tree is a tree, therefore, accept NOT in question to be or not to be. The very utterance of that which is questioned, renders one to believe in choice, but choice lacking sound mind and body renders only the uninitiated voice. A voice in question falls to the wiles of said belief, only belief is not a fact rather an indoctrinated mindset, withered tree -fallen leaf. Conditioning the mind in such a way, that only vile sensationalistic propaganda rules the conversations of our day. Remember good news, the news of good and the goodness to be, found in the word of God, the word bound within the fruition of life we see. Only, if we are to choose to believe or not believe, that very question in and of itself, is all the deceiver needs. It was once said that curiosity killed the cat but as far as mankind, 70 times 7 cause loss of spirit; you can’t get that back. Lose your faith, change your soul, as one considers alternatives on shelf, stacked lies of disbelief, blind eyes opt options to try and define oneself. (foolish). If words are crossed, least leads to self-cognition, seek belief, choice, and uninitiated to further solidify your position. This is why your faith should stand bold, trust not your eyes to see, because the word of God, is the very essence, of why a rock is a rock and a tree is a tree.  

– Reginald O’ Gibson 

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