“Our Love Language”

When I’m down, Kelly lifts my head with patience, and changes my perspective.
When I’m silent, she rests her head against my heart without judgement because she knows my
God given purpose.
When I’m alone in a room filled with people, she finds my hand, whispers into my ear, and
reminds me “we’re on this righteous path together.”

The reasons why our marriage works consists of three constants. Firstly, God’s favor over our
lives. Secondly, that fear is NOT an option; fear only leads to default. And lastly, our love
language consists only of three words; sacrifice, submission and commitment. Anything else is
just legacy. It is in this understanding, that Kelly and I reflect to the best of our abilities, God’s
mercy, favor and love for one another. And as such, my love for Kelly, this woman right here,
my wife; remains unconditional.
– Reginald O’Neal Gibson