Regardless of any narratives created, I’m not hating anyone; period! We that are of good, are far more plentiful and in unity than the people (currently)holding the mic, camera and or platform would like to admit. Why? Because the rape of ‘supply and demand’ goes hand to hand with divide and conquer, which beckons the need for hate, segregation and fear. Deceitful/demonic entities need is for people to develop a common enemy amongst their neighbors, family and countrymen. And what better, more efficient way of creating anxiety, votes and separatism, than to stimulate and prey upon the indoctrinated biases of mankind’s insecurities. I – will- not – conform – to hate. I know there’s a history. I know there are differences but even more so, I know myself, my purpose and my destiny. I was born in love and I will die in love. And as such, ultimately I will rejoin awe-inspiring love throughout eternity.

God speed upon your journey. – Reginald

  • Reginald 

The Meaning  

February 3, 2023  

“To empower her is to honor God and the mystery of the covenant they share. Without her, there is no world of sustainability, no future to claim nor fruition of purpose (within our understanding of time). Likened to a seed placed upon solid rock, there will be no growth, harvest, or fruit to bear as witness to a life of intelligent design and meaning. As men, we are the soil, vast with nutrient, vigor, and foundational strength. As such, never forget to be vulnerable unto her accepted gifts, as well as intuition, and eternal womb. Empower her essence, love her, and protect that which is God’s greatest creation; the woman.”   

– Reginald