Alert! Friendly Reminder

Before it gets completely out of control:cropped-img_10981.jpg

When someone needs prayer or is going through a trial and requesting prayer on fb, I want to say please remember to pray to Christ first! Asking for prayer on fb will only bring forth gossip, quick comments or false prophets. Go to Christ first, get your revelation/blessing or healing and then come to fb and share it as a testimony! I’ll dare to say it if no one else does. At times when someone on fb puts their business out there and asks for prayer, I was quick to comment 🙏, “your in my prayers, God bless” or 😭. Rightfully so, there’s nothing wrong with this but the truth is most people are starting to believe sending the emoji or heartfelt comment IS THE ACTUAL PRAYER! (It’s actually a created-digital idol!)It’s not even close!  I know to each their own but just know, if someone “specifically” asks me to pray for them, I’m praying right at that moment (hopefully with the person) in the presence of Christ, addressing it specifically to Christ (not fb) and sealing the prayer in Christ’s name; Amen.

Again “Reminder Alert!” Exodus 20 “You shall have no other gods before me.”

Bottom line, don’t replace the gift of prayer with digital worship! Your “fb family” knows you are  holy but our opinions and or sympathy really doesn’t count, especially if you’re in need of something more than just empathy. So if you are a believer; GITC!  (Give it to Christ).