Coming soon! Uplifting stories, insights and answers to what most consider as problems, barriers and the pitfalls of life. In this easy-read book, you’ll be amazed how the answers were in front of you all along; waiting to usher in your peace and abundance!

Warmly and see you soon!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


The Light within the Darkness


Lately I’ve been talking about “distractions” and how they can derail your created purposes in life; for a very specific reason! This goes from the purposely created fear of nuclear strike, taking a stand or knee in football, to all the media attention on racism. Bottom line is, something kinda of rare is taking place in the sky tomorrow (8-21-2017 Solar Eclispe) and it’s much larger than “all” our so-called fears, opinions and insecurities. Just remember to “pray in” peace and wisdom during this event. Don’t allow sensationalism to captivate your soul, especially when our true purposes are in righteousness. So, when most are gazing upward, I’ll be on my knees praying for this world to be delivered from the created shadows of fear and deceit. Not to forget for some of us, we’ll all temporarily be the same color in the darkness; with only the light in our hearts to guide us.

God bless.


The AwakeningHey, how’s it going? Life that is, how is life or your perception of life going for you? I hope all is well. Also, it is my hope and prayer that you can see life for the beauty and purpose it has to offer and the same for it’s meaning within your experience. Recently, I’ve taken some time to meditate, pray and rest in the teachings and wisdom of Christ, the result was simply amazing. I came to the conclusion that my perceptions of life was slightly diverted by the distractions of mostly fear based propaganda.

Like many, I became clouded with opinions rather than the simple truth in things. Only issue is, things or the circumstances of things which happens in life are the direct results of our actions or perceptions thereof. In other words, we manifest problems, issues or uncomfortable circumstances because we lose or become diverted from the understandings of the natural laws of life; which are simplistic at best. Life is simply life, its purpose happens to be completely unaffected by the “little things” we create, along the journey. Here’s what I’m getting at, find out who you are through the teachings of Christ. Find out what spiritual gifts you were given within the womb and become that person. In this your life will change for the better, your outlook, your ideas and your purpose; why? Because just as life is life, you would have found the meaning of you, and in this meaning, nothing in life as a distraction can take you off course from your created purpose. So again, I ask you “Hey, how’s it going?”