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(Excerpt from The Book of Wisdom by Reginald O’Neal Gibson)

Please know that God loves us unconditionally and in a perfect way. The depth of his mysterious ways are of no full understanding to mankind, but he loves us regardless of our comprehension. He has given us the breath of life through the nostrils of eternal wisdom. Peace is upon us as she blankets the earth as our comforter; forever protecting us from the frigidness that dwells within the night. God gave of his only begotten son for our salvation and in this act of love, broke the chains of hell; setting us free from the clutches of the opposer.

We all have what is needed for the fulfillment of life’s greatest purpose but as it stands, the human race continues to fall within the calamities of worldly lusts. The mislead prides around in hunger, stumbling in the darkness of fallacious love; only to settle for a resemblance of what is desired to be true. Love in personal success, love in wealth over others, love in the absence of lucidity and what some have fallen to believe, as the lusting love of the flesh.   

Remember the cleansing of our sins upon repentance, is all that is needed in the belief that you are born again; in his love. But remember you are created in his image, so love yourself with reverence of all sins forgotten, laid to waste and never to return. We need only to accept God’s love as our own.  With this understanding, we must submit to our creator in reverence to his word. Thereby falling in love with the perfection of his creation; which is you.

Love yourself more in God than in mankind’s opinion of your worth. Love yourself enough through the difficult times of doubt, remembering the sun without fail will rise again. Love yourself in the highest regard, not to submit to anyone or anything less than your created purpose. Just keep pressing forward, believe in the absolute of this universal law and in the greater meaning of your life.

Now go forth in confidence, press on towards your greatness and above all, love yourself enough to honor the effort God bestowed within you. Take this as the bread of life, hunger no more and dive deep; immersing  yourself within the endless depth of his love.






In my haste, after work I soon found myself rushing through our neighborhood  superstore. Head slightly spinning from the scamper of a long congested commute, my work as a father will once again be solidified by way of swift action taken for the need of my family.

Although a touch of physical exhaustion is the “go-to” excuse,  I knew a more persistent reason had to precede my ambitions before my weekend off. In this moment, I wasn’t the best version of myself but best wasn’t the goal; only promptness.

Nevertheless I push on, diligent in my steps tunneling through the children’s medicine aisle, soon to find with specific direction what is needed per my family’s sake.

Meanwhile a voice comes from behind, pausing time just slightly as a woman’s compliment rest across my ears. Still in focus mode all I could see was her eyes as she finishes her comment. “Wow, your shirt is on inside out” as she smiles and gazes the length of my neck down to my chest. She then notices my wedding ring and says “how could your wife let you go out looking like this?” I smile in politeness as empathy rushes in on her behalf.

Before my foot touched the ground in the sequence of continuing my business, I could sense she took a chance. In this moment I could feel the depth of her courage, hanging in the midst of uncertainty but by the look in her eyes; she was glad she seized the moment. This was of a woman in search and in need of completion but the wholeness she seeks, no man can provide; especially not I.

On this day she was confident, full of emotion and zeal, readily available to give of herself the best way she knows how. But again in the seemingly frozen moment, I could see past guilt as an accepted normality in her life.

If she or any woman truly wants a good man in this life, she’d must learn to love herself more than the idea of a man loving her. When a woman loves herself to the point where she needs no worldly confirmation, she invokes a spiritual confidence, not only conquering her past indiscretions but for the healing of the broken man she’s yet to acquire. Like Eve would yearn to be a part of Adam once again, a woman’s true fulfillment beckons the warmth of a committed love in singularity, unconditionally without fail; all for the totality of her given purpose.

In this, the completeness she seeks is from the wholeness of God. Whether married, seeking or soon to be, this covenant needs to take place if she’s to receive the purpose of man’s creation. If not, the man will remain broken and there’s little worse than a broken man or husband; aimlessly wandering the face of this planet without knowing his true purpose.

Know this, men are men because they were born to be men but husbands are made through the pure will of a woman’s heart, a gift from God; timelessly embedded in her intuition. This is why some women find it difficult to acquire a good man, being their heart is in the wrong place, hastened by the idea of time and lost, chasing the distractions of meaningless gossip.

Idea’s such  as competitiveness, control or the contentment of saying  “I have and man.” Not to forget her longing or lust of either the flesh, financial stability or title of being called Mrs. Some women don’t know where to look because they’re looking instead of listening the their heart, all the while distracted by other women’s boasts of the so-called good life.

A woman’s intuitive understanding is truly blessed, the ability to love, be of gentle peace and create life is more than evident that God, endowed her with the greatest power man has ever known within the physical realm of this earth.

Often instead of sowing the seed of her given ability, she wants her harvest sooner than later; this reflects the impatience of worldly lusts. Sometimes the entitlement of wanting the now instead of the ripen fruit of purpose, is lost within the fear of false perception but the chance is still impulsively taken.

Unknowingly, the chance taken thought to be a moment of courage is often a facade. A fallacy intent on extinguishing the pain of years of personal abuse; no doubt stemming from childhood. This is why some women are still attracted to the boy-like attributes of a man, being she never overcame the brokenness afflicted upon her as a young girl.

Flawless make up, a size zero waistline and the willingness to satisfy a man’s sexual desires, will never yield to her what’s she’s truly worth. Understand a man is just a man; broken at best. That is  until he becomes a husband fully nurtured by the heart and hands of a woman’s covenant in God.

If she really wants a man, a truly good man that is worthy of becoming her husband, she must hold her tongue, stand guard at the entrance of her mind and chase nothing but the fulfillment of Christ. In this she would acquire the strength to develop, nurture and create with her God given ability a husband of her own.

In this her natural order of needs will be bestowed plentiful and she will become the wholeness she seeks, thus completing the covenant as the breath of life.

Please know the power of creation isn’t held to the boundaries  of a woman’s womb but to the endless possibilities of her spirit. Lastly, as for the woman’s compliment in the children’s medicine aisle, I graciously smiled while nodding my head and continued on per my wife’s directions; no other response was needed.

“Women are the closest beings to God, they are his greatest gifts upon our world; abide by this truth and your purpose in life will be fulfilled.” – Reginald O’Neal Gibson