The Cloaked Chef Hat


1479347_580656341988844_2121507221_nMy name is Reginald Gibson, I’m a private chef and consultant trained in the art of classical and international cuisine under master chef Daniel Martin. I was born and raised in Dayton Ohio and I must say It’s been a journey. I’ve always had a passion for food while bringing family and friends together. But as life holds many mysteries, I’ve transformed my abilities from feeding the body’s insatiable desires, to the positive manifestations of healing the soul through mental clarity. As a professional chef, I’ve had the blessed opportunity to offer my services of culinary expertise and spiritual guidance  to employees, business owners and colleagues  over the last 20 years.

1426742_570279119693233_1221271959_nMy goal was of leading by example, motivating and ushering in a healthy lifestyle change, by working closely with those in need of finding their blessed paths. All while encompassing hospitality and delicious presentations for customers within the restaurant environment. With over 25 years in the culinary field, I emerged as a focused yet humble student of life. Breaking barriers and weathering the storms of many atrocities set against my created purpose, I’ve learned peace within commitment is the key. After surviving the onslaught of the demonically influenced and misguided autos-suggestive naysayers, I’ve develop powerful key tools to assist others in finding their life fulfilling purposes. But only after defeating the true enemy; embedded from within. If wanting to know more about this process, I’ve written a book called the Consciousness of man.  In This you’ll uncover great insight on how I was able to arise triumphantly over the mental, physical and spiritual barriers of life. This as well as confirm the blessed destinies of others aimlessly off their paths, no different than I prior to finding enlightenment. This was accomplished simultaneously while pushing forward as the unassuming and inconspicuous leader by example, under  the chef hat.

1450301_572577796130032_1101149159_nUnderstand that many leaders choose paths of service, hospitality and sacrifice to touch the lives of many. In my line of work I’ve had the opportunity to serve the homeless, elected officials and celebrities alike. Upon this, shed light on just how connected we truly are as a people. Once a chef, always a chef to my comrades in the culinary field diligently sharing their passions. But as for myself, I’ve officially unveiled my chef hat to reveal my true calling. That is the awakening of the consciousness of man, ushering in the next level of our created purposes.

The above is a presentation of my creation at a gastronomy event. From right to left Chocolate Ganache & Mocha Crème fraîche with Coffee Spherification. lastly, “Non-caffeinated” Apple Green Tea w/faux Caviar over lemon cream.