Photography by Hillspiration
The day I found wisdom, was the moment I silenced my voice. Speaking only  from knowledge passed by my socioeconomic status, I was at a loss.  Opinions, thought processes, even conceptualization of purposes, were tainted by the misconceptions of others opinions. This was Illustrated by their fears, worries and construed fallacies. Moreover, this initiated the sign of the times for a fallen generation. In this, I as many others inadvertently succumbed to the early teachings of troubled surroundings. This led to the question but only in thought,”What was I teaching, better yet who’s listening? To speak what I’ve been taught in the adversities of troubled times, would only mimic the ignorance of unresolved closure. Instead I silenced my voice, swept away my cluttered thoughts and just listened. “Peace be still,” as the heart comforts my purpose. When the mind finds solitude; no more voices, fears or confusions; just the silence of peace. In this silence there was truth but only in the whisper of the heart. It was then when I stumbled upon true knowledge, untainted and pure. For the day I found wisdom, was the day my child fell asleep in my arms. 


                                       “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.”
                                                                                         Proverbs 3:13 King James Version