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Speaking on the hustle and bustle of life, I’ve developed the understanding that, “It’s all worth it, if we’ve learned from it.” The ups and downs are merely a process of steps we perceive to be true. Moreover, if we don’t learn from the experience, we’ll find ourselves stagnate; neither up or down while given a considerable amount of effort. Imagine walking up and escalator that’s moving in the opposite direction. My point is in order to make forward progress happen in life, its imperative to increase our rate of speed and purpose. As in my case, Either run up the downward moving escalator at such a speed, that you’ll eventually make it to the top, or simply find the right escalator conducive to your purpose in life and move up. It’s your choice, your will and your path but in either of the two scenarios, learn from it and share with others facing the difficulties. In doing so, making it “all worth it, if we’ve learned from it,”now by all means; go out and share it.



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