REBIRTH: Through the Darkness

IMG_2703Please understand my journey may not “exactly” be the path you’re on, but the wisdom gained through my trials and experiences within the darkness, are the same no matter who we are. In other words, the enlighten stands as one within the Consciousness of Man; in this we share. Thus aquire from the learned, confirming what’s already been seeded within your soul. With this knowledge led by humble example, you can become free of many obstacles which hinder and continuously misguide the worthy upon their journey. Know that you are of greatness, mysteriously created for even greater purposes. Know that the law of attraction has been establish in my world through biblical wisdom, not by the heighten awareness of self manifestation! Nonetheless,  It did take awhile to achieve this in spiritual/mental clarity. Thus, ultimately leading  to my rebirth as light was spoken upon the waters. My question to you is where do you stand my friend, are you in the depths of the water? If so repent and believe with remembrance his commandment “let there be light.” And in this you may recall that the waters within woman’s womb, was broken upon the commandment of your rebirth; through the darkness.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

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