“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Says the fat cats living rich off the underdeveloped mindset of society.

“Your life, your mind; your responsibility.” – Reginald

Think Again

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“Earthly wisdom is blissfully overrated and quite limited within the self-righteous achievements of mankind. Therefore, one must learn to intimately commune within the spirit of God and remain above the principalities of this world. In this, eternity will be the precedence, as opposed to the legacies of false doctrines left behind.” – R. Gibson

The Spinning Rock

Weak are the minds that see only self and like-minded others. And for what? To feel accepted? How long before we understand, like-minded or not, same shade or the opposite, where all on this spinning rock together, destined to rotate no longer as its blackened blood is siphoned from its core. Auto-suggestively, we pretend to want heaven on earth, but we treat earth and its inhabitants like hell. Discoveries are for profit and ideas cost far more. Persuasion dissimulates We the People, as intuition is simultaneously voted into subservience. We have failed not only because of self-idolization but the suckling of sweet-like nectar dripping from the charismatic tongue of evil. This love affair with influence will soon come to a creeping halt, as this rock will spin no longer. It is then, upon the earth standing still, when the elite’s cramp and gnash together between the trenches of fire and ice, succumbing to the hell they have created, as opposed to the lie they have propagated. It is then when the blind vertigo of idolatry will be freed.  

R. Gibson 

We Are!

I’m not. You’re not, but together, we are

Unmeasurable • Unstoppable • Accountable • Incredible 

Balanced • Amazing • Example • Needed

Strong • United • Better • Love

• One.

So, what’s the hold up? Let’s do this!

Hold Up

Right now, at this very moment, someone is procrastinating on financially blessing you physically, and mentally! That which is needed in hand, shall come to pass. That burden of debt/stress, will be supernaturally lifted —without any trickery or shifting of making ends meet. But here’s the interesting thing, these blessings are moving exactly at the same rate of speed as you are. With regards to you holding back forgiveness, to someone (even yourself) who needs it to heal, learn from, and one day share alike. Coincidence, or denial? Either way, don’t blame God according to the appearance of an unanswered prayer life. He’s given you the power of discernment. So, whether coincidence or not, the question remains, what’s the (real) hold up?🧐

The Rule of Ratio

“Stop raising your children to believe they can grow up and become superstar athletes — when others of less intelligence, are positioning, volunteering, and grooming themselves for positions of power. In this, running courts with judges, as opposed to courts, fields or rings with referees. Yes, some athletes can make millions, while team owners make billions. And for what? So influenced lawmakers can change a rule, make a law, or corrupt a democracy? Best change the ratio, before the rules are changed or challenged again.”

Think About it.


Blind Will

“Humans are the only species on this planet, who knows not who they are. Not because of ignorance but rather they’re willingness to follow the vices of man. This, as opposed to their God given purposes.” 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 


  By Reginald O’Neal Gibson 

The hunt upon the glow of sight,  

sheds bright upon the moonlit night. 

The howl of life the wolves delight, 

broken upon the skies incite. 

“What are they” whispers cub on hill, 

great-grandfather wolf speaks, with utter of chills. 

Those are they that’ll rape our land,  

death, and destruction they’ll covet in hand. 

Heaven on earth they’ll claim phenomenal, 

but truth be told child — they’re the real animals. 



Under The Influence

If I were to say “hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the . . .” Most people would finish the complete rhyme, vaguely remembering when they’ve learned it or even why. Yet, like many other words, songs, lyrics, teachings, and rhymes, “we the people” find ourselves “unknowingly” knowing but being led by, that which we cannot fully explain e.g., the subconscious reflecting of heterosuggestive implementation. 

The unfortunate backlash comes when a person’s deep rooted inhibition, reflects in wickedness of an unknown influencer. Sounds far-fetched? Here’s an example that may help shine light on the understanding. Mentally envision a middle-aged wealthy man who’s in good physical health. Add to this man, a solid well known and respected reputation among friends, families, and colleagues. He’s filled to the brim with confidence, pride, and vigor, while possessing and expressing the freedom and privileges bestowed upon his status/journey throughout life, all to one day (in a matter of hours) fall to that of traitor, insurrectionist, and rioter, upon an establishment that best facilitates his, and the like thereof, once legacy. (a “ten-year maximum sentence” per his idols words, now chiseled felon within record). Moreover, “and all the king’s’ horses, and all the king’s men’s, couldn’t put . . .” 

Here’s the thing, this idol (his idol), who enslaved this man’s idea of freedom, struck the flame within a cluttered mindset of mess – saturated knowingly, and to a deeper affect “unknowingly” by way of heterosuggestivle hate, despair, and bigotry. And just as blindingly following the symbolism of rhythmic suggestions “one nation, under God, with liberty, and justice for . . . ” a man’s understanding of freedom was lost – under the influenced/er of factors seemingly unknown, yet embedded to destroy a democracy for its people, by its people, mindlessly under the influence of that which they care not to admit or could fully explain. 

Know this, to acknowledge that one has fallen “under the influence” doesn’t forgive, resolve, or expunge the action taken. As such, life cannot be restored by the murderer or the accomplice/s sudden realization of said rock overturned – no matter what their pied-popper played.

If this doesn’t shed at least a flicker of light towards admittance or understanding, try to imagine how the “three blind mice” felt – after falling from that which influenced them. 

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson