The diligent road to success, inspiration and happiness is far less traveled than most people realize. Why? Because those who follow, often becomes stuck behind the inflated ego’s of another’s destined purpose.

God didn’t create you to become a follower of other people’s success or ideas thereof, nor by the worldly standards of idolatry. You were embodied to wonderfully express the best version of yourself within God’s favor. 

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to follow that which inspires, but it’s imperative to know when to get off the train! In this, people can discover, rediscover and blaze their own trails to personal success.

This is why as an author, chef and motivational speaker I’m NOT looking for followers, but rather believers!

With that said, 

Believe in yourself! 

Believe in a higher power!

Believe in your spouse, family or friends who could greatly benefit from your positive input.

Believe there is special purpose in your life

until it manifests as evident.

Lastly, believe in hope, love and prayer, especially during the difficulties and circumstances of life.

Call to action! 

Do you know someone who’s struggling with belief, personal success or positive lifestyle change? 

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Reginald O’Neal Gibson


Simplistic at best, but made with heartfelt integrity for the warmth, nourishment and healing of the body.

Insatiably focused, with an emphasis on functional awareness for the “mind, body and spirit.” (365 days a year).

This recipe as with all others, resides within your heart. Express it, for life!

Happy “Expression of Love Day.”😉



The best revenge is to love thy enemy, God will handle the rest.
And here’s why!
Fighting ignorance with ignorance, only facilitates one’s weakness to remain on the level of the ignorant.
Here’s the takeaway!
“Turning the other cheek” is for YOUR physical, mental and spiritual well-being!
How so?
The stress, retaliation and anxiety you’ll save will without doubt, strengthen your moral and environmental character.
In turn, this action will fuel the energy needed to leave behind, that which once held you in a place of contentment, enablement and low self-esteem.
Those who are of higher consciousness understands, only a fool “fights fire with fire” when the living well of water runs deep. Also, “sticks and stones” pales in comparison to words of hate manifested within an unguarded mind.  
Take this knowledge upon your journey and remember, there’s MORE to you than your enemy’s ability to comprehend. And this also goes for the enemy from within!
Wait, no more; “go ye therefore!”(Matthew 28:19)

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


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Today is the day you make the change, act on your idea and choose the path that will define YOUR greatness! Not only for your name sake, but that of your legacy, family, children and those closest to your goal set. Just decide! Grow and produce bountifully in all that you do; in Christ’s name. And above all the fear, doubt or naysayers, remember; God remains within the creation of your purpose.

I’ll see you there!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


Ponder for a moment, the difference between the bitter truth and a sweet lie?

Both can be subtle, firm or even organic in the nature of their origins. Both can cut like a knife or spread like wildfire. One can be as sweet as honey, the other; bitter as a clove of garlic crushed between the teeth. Either the sting of aged vinegar or the seductive aroma of a ripened lemon, one day will add to the taste of life.

In this, choose wisely. Know to some, the difference is likened to a pot of boiling water, only to simmer in the essence of its own understanding. Like cayenne pepper to the innocent of tongue or the dryness of ground cinnamon, blown in the eyes of the traveler; all within a blink will drink from the cup of eternal law.

Either way, the difference between truth and lie will ultimately reflect upon the path we take. The blessed thing about this analogy is, you don’t have to take my word on it. Just sit back, relax and sip on some healing tea. Take some time off and ponder this eternal difference for yourself. By the way, the ingredients are within the analogy above; just add to taste.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson



What good are groups, followers or communities, if the overall consensus is blind? What good are leaders or industry, social interests or civil awareness, if the leaders are lead by the idolatry of financial gain?

Indignity is on the cusps of our destined purpose. Thus, to derail us from the promised land.

As such, In 2019 spiritual revelation will come with stunning impact. It will prove to be a catalyst for the maturation process of the mind. This inevitable birth of clarity will make many indifferent, regarding one’s opinions, traditions and social understandings.

The difference between the content, the aware and the awakened will not only be made known, but further its differences from the entanglement of immoral intent.

Be prepared to take offense, but not be offended (for long). The winds of change will provide vision over barriers, clarity throughout the clutter and freedom over the bondage of misconception.  

In 2019, paths will be taken, course corrections will happen and friends thought thereof, will go their own way. This is of great importance, because narrow is the road that beckons the process.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson


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Me    :      What’s the meaning of life?

Me 2 :      Depends on who’s asking?

Me    :      Why?

Me 2 :      To better answer the question.

Me    :      Seems like a simple question to me!

Me 2 :      Then why are you asking?

Me    :      Ummm?

Me3 : Because within the will of man, one finds comfort in the  answering of an opinionated fool. In this, upon Judgement Day one can swiftly cast blame, shift responsibility or submit excuse upon the fool. Only the fool was that of denial and that denial, was of the fool in me.

“The war has already been won. Seek not the lust of life, but rather the love in life. And for the goodness of God’s glory; stop the battling.”

   by Reginald O’Neal Gibson