At the start of this year I posted . . . 

“As of 2019, instead of investing on ads, marketing tools and master classes, I’m going to help, raise up and invest in my family and friends . . .” And also “If I do this correctly as well as faithfully, I expect to get kicked off of social media sometime this year!”

Here’s the update, the return in family, friends and community has been absolutely mind blowing! No money gained but my goodness the rewards of health, wealth and opened doors are that of miracles! 

Clearly social media hasn’t deleted me yet, but I can tell I’ve peaked the algorithm’s interest! It’s all a chess game now and even though they own the pieces, I/we hold the table, which upholds the game board. 

And at any given time, we can fold up table, visit each other, write a letter, shake hands, meditate or give a speech (per our constitutional right), without censorship or targeting of collective media bargaining. In this no *OI (outward intelligence) can chart your course, manipulate your mind or simulate you future. ✅ mate

Think about it, don’t share, text, post or speak of it; just think.🧐

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson 

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