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“Reggie was here! aka or bka fear!” 

Did you know the shortest distance between you and the barrier of your fear, perception or wall, is forward straight through? To stop and ponder the shear greatness of its height, darkness of depth or vastness of width only beckons worry, which then becomes the mass of one’s perceived reality.

Make yourself small, submit within the humbleness of your breath and walk through the darkness of manifested doubt. In this begins the filtration of the spirit, passing through the valley of the shadow of your deepest fears. Heed not your feet, lest the mind begins to wonder. And remember the promise, for on the other side awaits the light of glory.

Otherwise, peace be still until the calling of your heart screams so loudly, that it becomes the clarity of your spirit. Rise, rise and rise again just as you are! Now walk, stumble or crawl into the light of your created purpose. 

Know this to be true, being once upon seemingly an eternity “I was here!” Said my message on the wall, but by the grace of God’s mercy, not for long. 

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson