Me: a shared interpretation that coexist by the acknowledgment of you and I, based solely on the outward characteristics that I display.

Myself: Who I believe to be as a result of cultural, societal and environmental impact. Thus, collectively embracing and filtering through the experiences of life, opinions and acceptances.

You: You are a reflection of collective thoughts, actions and displayed personality traits others or I perceive and accept to be true, but often manipulated by the shadows of insecurities or fear.

If this is true even somewhat, It beckons the question, who’s reflecting who? Does it explain the cliche “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Does it shed light on who we look up to, dislike or model in behavior?

This is why It’s so vitally important to love yourself, because to truly love others and become the greatest version of yourself, you must first embrace your worth!

Otherwise, your perceptions of negative self will reflect upon the world, the society in which you live and the people closest to your dreams, goals and lifestyle.

In short, do you want the attraction of abundance, success and or acceptance? Then change any form of negative reflections from within and start by loving yourself first, not money, nor power or the control of others. Upon this you can faithfully build and receive upon your blessings. Do not thwart the very purpose of your existence.

This is but one of many reasons we’re instructed to “love thy neighbor” (Matt 22:39 KJV) and to “do unto others, as you’d have them do unto you.” (Luke 6:31 KJV)

With that said, if one’s actions, displayed characteristics or personality traits are truly a reflection of self, then the world is not to blame, but rather the enemy from within i.e. me, myself and I not you, they or them. In this, the law of attraction can throughly be explained within the reflection of one’s self worth.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson