At the start of this year I posted . . . 

“As of 2019, instead of investing on ads, marketing tools and master classes, I’m going to help, raise up and invest in my family and friends . . .” And also “If I do this correctly as well as faithfully, I expect to get kicked off of social media sometime this year!”

Here’s the update, the return in family, friends and community has been absolutely mind blowing! No money gained but my goodness the rewards of health, wealth and opened doors are that of miracles! 

Clearly social media hasn’t deleted me yet, but I can tell I’ve peaked the algorithm’s interest! It’s all a chess game now and even though they own the pieces, I/we hold the table, which upholds the game board. 

And at any given time, we can fold up table, visit each other, write a letter, shake hands, meditate or give a speech (per our constitutional right), without censorship or targeting of collective media bargaining. In this no *OI (outward intelligence) can chart your course, manipulate your mind or simulate you future. ✅ mate

Think about it, don’t share, text, post or speak of it; just think.🧐

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson 

Daddy’s Little Girl

“To empower her is to honor God and the very essence of life. As fathers, yes we are to protect, sacrifice and love our families, but never, ever forget to be vulnerable enough to empower God’s greatest creation, the woman.”

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson


Me: a shared interpretation that coexist by the acknowledgment of you and I, based solely on the outward characteristics that I display.

Myself: Who I believe to be as a result of cultural, societal and environmental impact. Thus, collectively embracing and filtering through the experiences of life, opinions and acceptances.

You: You are a reflection of collective thoughts, actions and displayed personality traits others or I perceive and accept to be true, but often manipulated by the shadows of insecurities or fear.

If this is true even somewhat, It beckons the question, who’s reflecting who? Does it explain the cliche “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Does it shed light on who we look up to, dislike or model in behavior?

This is why It’s so vitally important to love yourself, because to truly love others and become the greatest version of yourself, you must first embrace your worth!

Otherwise, your perceptions of negative self will reflect upon the world, the society in which you live and the people closest to your dreams, goals and lifestyle.

In short, do you want the attraction of abundance, success and or acceptance? Then change any form of negative reflections from within and start by loving yourself first, not money, nor power or the control of others. Upon this you can faithfully build and receive upon your blessings. Do not thwart the very purpose of your existence.

This is but one of many reasons we’re instructed to “love thy neighbor” (Matt 22:39 KJV) and to “do unto others, as you’d have them do unto you.” (Luke 6:31 KJV)

With that said, if one’s actions, displayed characteristics or personality traits are truly a reflection of self, then the world is not to blame, but rather the enemy from within i.e. me, myself and I not you, they or them. In this, the law of attraction can throughly be explained within the reflection of one’s self worth.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson


To be awakened, is far more frightening than your worst nightmare clawing into reality. Being enlightened doesn’t equate to a leisurely walk in the park. What we believe is love, couldn’t be farther away from the truth and money is without doubt, the second greatest lie. The law of attraction is the dangling of a golden carrot, yet serves great purpose and mindfulness is an internal stroll within the valley of the shadows. The more you learn the less you know, until being becomes the precedence of your life. Awake; quietly.

-Reginald Gibson


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Reggie was here! aka or bka fear!” 

Did you know the shortest distance between you and the barrier of your fear, perception or wall, is forward straight through? To stop and ponder the shear greatness of its height, darkness of depth or vastness of width only beckons worry, which then becomes the mass of one’s perceived reality.

Make yourself small, submit within the humbleness of your breath and walk through the darkness of manifested doubt. In this begins the filtration of the spirit, passing through the valley of the shadow of your deepest fears. Heed not your feet, lest the mind begins to wonder. And remember the promise, for on the other side awaits the light of glory.

Otherwise, peace be still until the calling of your heart screams so loudly, that it becomes the clarity of your spirit. Rise, rise and rise again just as you are! Now walk, stumble or crawl into the light of your created purpose. 

Know this to be true, being once upon seemingly an eternity “I was here!” Said my message on the wall, but by the grace of God’s mercy, not for long. 

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson