What did you expect? 

One’s expectations doesn’t guarantee the fruition of one’s hopes and desires.

Don’t accept people for who they are, If you’re not willing to deal with the consequences of their results or actions. 

A man is not a man, if he’s not the man of your dreams. Nor is the body of a woman, if he’s not in love with her soul.

“Look deeper than insecurities and maybe you’ll find, wisdom in choices are reflective of one’s mind. Raise the bar! Don’t stop, don’t settle for less, but know this requires; your absolute best.”

If a man or woman says “you complete me,” tread carefully! Although cute an romantically understood, this old schooled movie mentality has fooled many innocent hearts. In other words, yesterday’s romantic afterthought may be an indicator or sign of denial “in need.” Furthermore ending up as your today’s reality drama. Something to honestly consider, either way it’s your cup to fill or empty. Think about it.🤔


How can two become one, if both glasses are only filled halfway?😉

*Seek and you’ll find!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson