The best revenge is to love thy enemy, God will handle the rest.
And here’s why!
Fighting ignorance with ignorance, only facilitates one’s weakness to remain on the level of the ignorant.
Here’s the takeaway!
“Turning the other cheek” is for YOUR physical, mental and spiritual well-being!
How so?
The stress, retaliation and anxiety you’ll save will without doubt, strengthen your moral and environmental character.
In turn, this action will fuel the energy needed to leave behind, that which once held you in a place of contentment, enablement and low self-esteem.
Those who are of higher consciousness understands, only a fool “fights fire with fire” when the living well of water runs deep. Also, “sticks and stones” pales in comparison to words of hate manifested within an unguarded mind.  
Take this knowledge upon your journey and remember, there’s MORE to you than your enemy’s ability to comprehend. And this also goes for the enemy from within!
Wait, no more; “go ye therefore!”(Matthew 28:19)

Reginald O’Neal Gibson