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Me    :      What’s the meaning of life?

Me 2 :      Depends on who’s asking?

Me    :      Why?

Me 2 :      To better answer the question.

Me    :      Seems like a simple question to me!

Me 2 :      Then why are you asking?

Me    :      Ummm?

Me3 : Because within the will of man, one finds comfort in the  answering of an opinionated fool. In this, upon Judgement Day one can swiftly cast blame, shift responsibility or submit excuse upon the fool. Only the fool was that of denial and that denial, was of the fool in me.

“The war has already been won. Seek not the lust of life, but rather the love in life. And for the goodness of God’s glory; stop the battling.”

   by Reginald O’Neal Gibson

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