Attention, Listen up!

I’m praying for your finances, your friends, your family, and your future, because sometimes it’s YOU, that’s screwing things up! 

I’m serious, take some spiritual responsibility!

People pointing fingers to the “far-left” or to the “far-right,” in hopes of feeling/being a part of “some-thing” thought bigger than themselves. When in fact/hope, they should be focused on what’s in between the left and the right, better known as the center of self. As such, lost vicariously sharing other people’s posts, agendas, and or reflective insecurities!

Why? Because they “know not who they are,”per the boasts and distractions of others – who in turn, don’t know, have a clue or even care if they exist!

And to make matters worse, you publicly pray to God, all the while listening, believing, and trusting “hook line and sinker” to the sensationalistic, well funded, media-influenced, pointing fingers of hatred, towards others ideologists! This, as opposed to welcoming God’s answer/s, directions, and or blessings! Point is, you can’t have it Botha ways. Either you trust in God and allow his answers, or you keep falling for the rhetoric that incites your insecurities.

Hey, listen up. God answers prayers “particularly” for three reasons. (not an exhausted list)

1.) To reward your faith, reverence, and trust in him/his mysterious ways.

2.) To remind you that his word, promise, and power is real, unquestionable, and forevermore.

3.) To continue your reflective purpose of glorifying God’s will, favor, and mercy over “all” made in his image. 

*(Including those you’ve been told, or influenced to believe are your enemies -because they pray too, and sometimes much harder)!

So starting today, until you start working on you, I’ll focus my prayers of healing, and God’s favor, over your “finances, friends, family, and future.” Think about this, would you turn an empty glass over, and start pouring water on the bottom of the glass? No, that’s insane! 

And as such, I’m not wasting anymore prayers, on anyone not willing to listen, trust or be influenced by the peace, love and mercy of God’s word, answers or blessings.

P.S. In case you didn’t know, This is your subconscious speaking! You’d know that if you’d rest a bit more, and stop listening to all that external rhetoric.😉

Think About it.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

The Keep Up

Peace be Still😉

It’s amazing how people conjure up excuses to justify their dumbfounded reasonings – regarding your finances, blessings, and or lifestyle? Then, turn with audacity to huddle up with likeminded others, all in  hopes of making you feel unworthy, inadequate or defeated!

Please, keep doing you! Keep learning and developing you! And above all, keep smiling at those trying to keep you down, even while praying for them! Why? Because one day, they’ll most assuredly seek the very leadership skills you’ve developed, while being patient with them and theirs, that is, if they’ve  kept up.

R. Gibson

Mirror Mirror on the Wall . . .

I spoke to an old acquaintance earlier this morning, who had the audacity to greet me by saying “man, I’m just waiting for you to fail miserably, just so I can rub it in your obnoxious, holier- than-thou, pretentious smirk of a face.”

So, me being me, I answered back aloud “not everyone fails at or on the same level. Some fail, chose to learn from it and continue moving forward – regardless of others input! And besides, didn’t I rebuke you just yesterday? No reply.

Point is, never think the enemy from within controls your destiny.

Never forget, that image in the mirror often masks the persistence of a daily fear, whispering ever-so gently between your ears. And as such, you aloud should let your spiritual prayer life, eminent through spoken words of faith, confidence, and worthiness, not only for yourself but for others as well!

Why? Because “the superficial, pales in comparison to that supernatural – which God has bestowed upon your life.”

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson


Please understand, the treat lies within the trick of the fallen one, turn away! That is, the reaping or treatment from what is sown in ignorance (without repentance), will undoubtedly reveal itself most unfavorable. As a result, the old cliche/proverb which mentioned “speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil” is rendered void, being it’s fallen by one – over time. Thereby, beckoning with question, what will you do upon knowing the good from what was lost? For the revealing is now upon us, and the need of your brethren is at hand! Trust not your senses, for your feelings are fickle, overwhelmed with clutter. Trust not your tongue, paralyzed in anger drought of salt, spewing nothing more than the dust from which it came. Ultimately, you will stand upon the threshold of your purpose, allowing your relevance to be revealed. Moreover, being you’ve acknowledged with your mouth, by way of the Holy Spirit, and not the physical sense, that “faith without works is dead,” you should be well prepared with good offering, when the humbled hands of need reach out to you. Thus, Know – good.    

Think About It.   

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*Per my wife, I’d like to share a little something about the way I write. Please know, my writing isn’t to persuade, but rather make way of truth, and self-reflection. It’s not meant to make a statement or prove a point, nor embellish oneself. And for the love of goodness, it’s not to teach or preach at you but rather, grow that something special which is already within you. As such, I’m sowing the seeds which in turn will one day assist in the healing of a broken mind. So, if one cannot figure out what I’m saying in the present, it’s fine, just keep on living, for I write for future. 

Also, a friend of mine recently said, “Reginald, why can’t you just write what you’re trying to say in plain and simple words. This way more people can relate, and understand what you’re saying? Here’s why.  

First, because I write within the influence of the Holy Spirit. Can you imagine interrupting someone authentically speaking in tongues at a revival, at church or in praise of a quickened miracle, and say “wait, wait, wait, hold up, stop for a minute! Can you please, slow down and explain the words that are coming out of your mouth, in layman’s terms, because on behalf of the congregation and I, WE DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR’E SAYING!?  

Secondly, words of wisdom are meant to empower the mind, heal the body, and strengthen the spirit, not to entertain, pacify or negatively lead astray. That is, caring, loving, and purposeful words are spoken to dig deep, make well, and keep fertile the soil of one’s temple. In this, the fruition of fruit shall be evident upon the anointing. 

And lastly, not everyone is on the same level! For instance, the title of my last short story was called “That Little Dam Voice,” (representing the wall or in my case a dam, which was created within the darkness of personal mindset. Hence, the result of discrimination, fear, and self-doubt. That is, until one day, that little “dam” voice spoke so loudly, it broke through the barriers, and allowed the embedment of God’s purpose for my life to flow!) But, taking a step or two back, wouldn’t you know it, people in multitudes came out in comments “oh no! You spelled the word damn wrong, just letting you know, Love you! Of course, I wasn’t surprised, no one wants to read anything lasting more than a sixty second read, especially if it doesn’t start with “BREAKING NEWS!” Just understand, words speak to the level of one’s personal experience. In other words, you can’t say “I understand your pain,” to a person who’s going through a pain you’ve never experienced first-hand, no more than I can “show” someone the images of my life after death experience, but to the least I can write about it, ensuring that one day someone struggling through the trauma can benefit in confirmation.  

That being said, thanks to all who’s loving enough to correct, critique, and converse. If any are confused, just let the words flow (whether in one ear, and out the other), trust; words will do exactly what they were meant to do, prick the soul upon the growth of purpose. 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 


Who are you? 

Without the title. 

Without the politics. 

Without any degrees. 

Without the bandwagon. 

Without the fair-weather comments.  

Without the self-idealized proclamation. 

Without the paid or absent-minded followers on social media. 

Without the pseudo friends, ride or lie entourage, and media influenced propaganda-hater squad. 

Truly, who are you? 

Without being told. 

Without the online presence. 

Without being plagued by self-persecution.   

Without the suit, name brands, and fancy items.  

Without the guns, tactical gear, and massive insecurity complexes overshadowing your incompetence. 

Who are you, really?! There’s no one else around but I, which is you, shackled behind the dam of your mind, whispering upon your slumber. 

If you can’t answer this in complete, irrefutable confidence, it’s because you know NOT who you are, for you have forgotten! e.g. defaulting in the multitude with the others lost, within their created purposes. This, no doubt because you’ve given so much of yourself, per the accordance of being accepted, seen, proven or acknowledged, which inevitably renders you consciously insufficient. Not to forget, an exhausted product of vicarious others who’s told, implemented or shown, either by status, environment or insidious intent, your suggested place per ‘their overall” plot in life. 

You know NOT your walk, for the road (that’s been chosen for you, upon your default) is wide with the bumbling’s of others, lost within the boasts of fallacy. As such, undoubtably manipulated time and time again, by the very ones who believe the masses are merely pawns of unknowing descent. Proven evident not by my words, but by the reflective nature of the countless zombified pretentious fools, casting blame on one another!  

This entails nothing more than spiritual submission, which in turn enslaves the mindset to that of misguided character. Lastly, to invoke fear, propaganda, and stupefied hope for anyone who know NOT their way, destined purpose or to the least, oneself. In other words, are you who you proclaim to be, or are you the epitome of default, labeled by that which consumes you? 

Don’t be fooled, everyone “boasts” as if they truly know, but per their actions displayed, life lived, and repetitive yet senseless chatter; they haven’t the slightest clue, but you, that is I, behind the dam you’ve created, whispers between the clefts of your dreams! Don’t seal me out, hear me, and remember who you are! 


From the author

Just a reminder, I don’t write to entertain, persuade or distract. I write by way of the Holy Spirit as a part of my life’s work to awaken those in search of higher consciousness. As such, I’ll conclude with this . . . 

Too many people are guided, trained, and manipulated into being “a part of,” as opposed to achieving “whole being.” Why is this?  

Is it because they long to be a part of something much greater than themselves? Which of course is the direct result of their identity being stripped away, then bombarded with images of money, power, and respect, as if that can fill the bottomless pit of their broken temple? Not in the least, and here’s the thing, without identity of self, spiritually, physically, and consciously, human beings will continue to mindlessly roam the earth as nothing more than a herd of sacrificial livestock, duped by the negative powers that be.  

And just to be clear, it doesn’t MATTER if you’re black, white, far left, far right or the other. The moment you prescribe to being anything other than your God given-created purpose, you’ve subjectively failed by default. As such, only the knowing of self can save you, but then again, who are you? 

Think About it. 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 


Only the dead prepares for a war that’s already been won. 

Dead in mind, spirit, and faith,  

-dead to this world, desolate in disgrace. 

They’ve laid waste to future, yet speaks upon yours,  

-be careful your walk, their seeds blisters of thorns. 

I watch as they scurry, incite, and provoke,  

-the game is rigged, next move, next hoax! 

Tactical in mindset, yet broken in temple,  

-tactless of life, mind set less than simple. 

Pray-prayers pray, for they prey on your dreams, 

 -implode from within, their prayer-practice deems. 

Blind eyes, deaf ears, befuddled in fate,  

beware of their walk, for their walk is of hate. 

Catch up, slow down, hurry up, I behoove,  

they’ve laid waste to their minds yet walks amongst you. 

Think About it. 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 



Debt is a construct by way of learned behavior and acceptance, both mentally, and socially. Thereby, manifesting into one’s reality. Encompass not a poor mentality, nor the implementation of the social burden mindset, e.g. slave industry, but rather rediscover your created purposes in life. As such, upon the journey of becoming free from whatever ails you, avoid the abysmal trap of spiritual bankruptcy. This is the mindset of abundance, faith, and freedom. 

Think About it.  

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson 


“Thirteen driven by a headless soul, blind as darkness devours them whole. All are enslaved by tyranny and fear, unquenchable in thirst, lusts the eye without tear. Leaders of less, lost lives in legislation, trapped in the ethos of their own damnation. Self-persecution are the seeds they sow, twisted in mind are the weeds they grow. This is not our table, let their crumbs fall, until the ignorance of their ways, encapsulates them all.”  

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson