Don’t Be That Person

Skip the water-cooler talk today and pack a snack for your break. Flex what really matters by voting today e.g., the ultimate power-lunch/break.

And please, by all means, don’t post, vent, social media stalk or update your content as an influencer, (don’t be that person), if you can’t find the time to vote – today! 

Trust, you’ll have more than enough time throughout the year to update, showcase and share things all about you but for today, let it be about us, please vote!



Are you willing to adapt or exemplify the patience required to empathetically listen, for the overall greater good and meaningfulness of communication? If not, you may be inadvertently drawn towards the distractions or possibly bias based influences of indoctrinated misunderstandings. As an example, what am trying to communicate in the above video? For instance, Is my hat, wall decor or book interests creating their own story, invoking a predisposed indoctrinated thought process causing you to be distracted? Think about it, the next time you’re involved in a conversation where views, experiences and or difficulties persists, try and look for the deeper meaning. Maybe, just maybe, with a little empathy and a willingness NOT to be distracted, clarity shall arise and bring forth the greatness of true understanding.

  • Reginald

What Matters Most


I’m not gifted, I’m blessed. 

I’m not talented, I’m consistent. 

I’m not clairvoyant, I’m a planner. 

I’m not angry, spiteful or prideful, I’m persistent. 

I’m not a procrastinator, I bide my time. 

I’m not conceited, I’m confident beyond measure. 

I’m not hateful, I know my purpose. 

I’m not a pronoun, I’m an offspring of God.  

I’m not old-school or new, I’m a life-learner. 

I’m not distracted, but I pay close attention. 

I’m not perfect but rather an organized mess (for good reason). 

I’m not alone, for we are as one. 

I’m not of this world, for I am spirit. 

Be you, to the best of your created purpose. Everything else; matters not.  

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson 

Beyond Sight 


I choose peace at a time when most have fallen prey to the wiles of segregation. Segregation, not only of race, but of mind, spirit and for some; self. We know not who we are because our knowledge of who we were manifests within the perils of denial. As such, we are divided by systematic calamity, only to be overshadowed within the pangs of attrition. Anger beckons our attention span from the truth, as distractions evermore nurture our insecurities, and for what? To ponder that which they have persuaded us to fear. I am aware. Only, I will not allow the history of man’s ignorance to befuddle my purpose, nor will I submit to the demonic antics of the present to corrupt my destiny. Softly I speak, within the carefully calibrated vibration of eternity, never to go silent but with intentionality to awaken the greatness embedded within your spirit. Look; beyond sight. – Reginald 

See What You Want or See, What You Want.

See What You Want or See, What You Want.

Understand that seeing “what you want” is just a state of mind during a particular time or moment in your life.  

Within that time or more specifically, moment, upon which you are open to a particular want, desire, or lust, take a moment and breathe within clarity. Focus your perception, your heart, your mindset and try to visualize the grand scale of your legacy.  

This, if done to the best of your created potential, will not only be the pinnacle, and example of a life well-led but in addition, the solidification of a foundation also set for generations to come. Only, keep careful in mind. All that is desired may not equate upon your life’s work regarding balance. Meaning, what you hasten after may tip the scales rendering your life’s contribution unremarkable. Which in and of itself, is an abomination to your creation, because you are indeed remarkable and perceived wonderfully made.  

Know that dreams are often unrealized, open to distraction and to a greater extent unrealistic. Especially, if one’s overreach is not conducive of sacrifice, that is, for the betterment and leadership of others. Likewise, but even worse is a dream stimulated out of fear, gloat or insidious heterosuggetive manipulation by another. In this, if either are achieved, the farther of one’s true power, intent and purpose will be, leaving only the achievement and will of the manipulators.  

In this, you are not what you see nor are you complete, lest you find yourself in trickery of an unguarded mind, desperately trying to fill in that voided space of an unrealized purpose. Please, be cautious of what you allow in under the guise of need, and or what you’re influenced by, because if it isn’t truly for you, then most assuredly it’s for the notorious ideology of others.  

Upon your journey to clarification, remember to steady your gaze and settle your mind. Know that It’s imperative to acknowledge the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others, but even more so, accept your responsibility. With this, seize the moment, take hold of your spiritual accountability, and choose. Either see what you want to see or go after in vigor, upon the direction righteously paved just for you, that is, if you truly want. 


From Baggage to Rebirth, Through Vision and Self-Worth: A Black Man’s Anniversary Reflection  

From Baggage to Rebirth, Through Vision and Self-Worth: A Black Man’s Anniversary Reflection  

“It was not until she looked up to me, did the black community began to ponder my worth. I remember it with clarity the day she held my hand, as they looked scorned in judgment. 

It wasn’t only because she was white but I’m thinking, it was how she looked at me in comparison to their previous perceptions of me. When Kelly set her gaze upon me, it was not in assessment of my status, the car I drove nor the clothes on my back. She looked at me through un-judging eyes paired with a glimpse of who I was to become, rather than the hellish reality that adorned my personification. Moreover, it was the unrealized woman in her, that beckoned the unfinished business of God in me. 

So, when seemingly the black community judged me for being with and marrying a white woman, It goes without saying I couldn’t have cared less, being I wasn’t perceived or shown to have value anyway. I remember a person asking me “why would you marry a white girl?” Being It was a frivolous question, I simply replied, “because she sees in me, what I cannot,” and I walked away. 

Maybe, it was not that she was white but rather the timing was meticulously right. That is, for the both of us as we simultaneously chose to put our baggage aside and take that daunting leap of faith! Truth be expressed, they couldn’t have cared less either but for some reason negative connotations grew evermore apparent. In fact, it was not until people started to notice Kelly and I were happy before biases were heard aloud, cackling in utterances of disbelief. 

As I saw it, Kelly did not exploit my imperfections, rather she chose to trust my inner perfection, as only a woman’s intuition could. 

Kelly took a chance on me as a man, who was not only black but black and broken, oppressed, and stressed, and for the most part uninterested. It was not until I saw the reflection of the man God created in me, upon the gloss of her eyes, before I began to realize my life’s work was being made-known. By the time my vision was cleared from self-absorption, Kelly was right there in front of me, over-bubbly and steadfast with exuberant hope. Almost as if she knew what God had in store for us.  

In hindsight, obviously it wasn’t the entirety of the black community, nor did the world revolve around me but, just maybe, it was all about the spiritual timing. Nevertheless, we know what we know, until we leap and know no more of that which held us down. 

On today, our 9th anniversary, I reflect upon how she made me feel worth at a time when I and my environment perceived me to be worthless. It was within this moment in time, when Kelly chose to trust in me, that which was embedded within my spirit. And in doing so, inspired me to raise myself up and surrender to the woman God prepared in her. As such, it was the God in her that brought out the God in me, as we came together as one to give God back his unwavering glory, through praise and in worship.”  

This is my story, my reflection of closure from baggage to rebirth, in honor of our anniversary. May God bless you, your story and yours.  


That Person, Seemingly Talking Nonsense; You Might Want To Listen.

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Often, clarity develops within various levels of a person’s life. As such, for that person not in agreement, immersed deep in their turmoil, being laughed at, shunned or gossiped about, may very well be indifferent for a reason. You’ll have no idea! Once he/she gets their words together, minds set and away from that which is the debacle of their environment, who they’ll turn out to be (nor the true purpose of their existence). Within this understanding, don’t be of judgment when they’re down, be of uplifting grace. Because, upon their spiritual awakening, who you were in their times of struggle, may be the difference of company shared within their epiphany. 

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson

A Black Man’s Love Letter 

Dear “My Country ’Tis of Thee,”  

We are who we are, until we fall in love. Until then, let us try to get to know, learn and forgive each other. Only then, will we finally be able to get pass the distractions of a segregated democracy, indoctrinated bias ideologies, and the loss of respect due to the befuddlement of our history. Obviously, we have some trust issues regarding attrition but if we can start over this healing process of closure and the coming together as one, we can truly sow the seeds of sweetness, within this “land of liberty, of thee I sing.” In unity, in forgiveness, and most of all, in love.

 P.S. We got off to an immeasurable start, but I forgive you. Can we start over? 

– Reginald

The Spinning Will of Perpetual Ignorance 

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Vertigo is thy nature when the greed of man continuously incites, promotes, and propagate fear within like-minded constituents. This, not only to exalt himself over others foreign and domestic but to perpetually enslave, look down upon and mock (behind closed doors), the very like-minded people cultivated to keep racism systematic. An easy task, when ignorance and bigotry is the platform chosen as they stumble, spin, and slip upon their hapless spew. Pseudo indoctrinated with positions over purpose, the silver tongued pied-pipers pompous betrayal always proceeds self-prophecy. Thus, remaining clueless absolute, whilst continuing to spin their will of centrifugal unity. 

Will, will never win, when the wind wields without the willingness to be wheeled – in the wrights direction.

– Reginald