The Spinning Will of Perpetual Ignorance 

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Vertigo is thy nature when the greed of man continuously incites, promotes, and propagate fear within like-minded constituents. This, not only to exalt himself over others foreign and domestic but to perpetually enslave, look down upon and mock (behind closed doors), the very like-minded people cultivated to keep racism systematic. An easy task, when ignorance and bigotry is the platform chosen as they stumble, spin, and slip upon their hapless spew. Pseudo indoctrinated with positions over purpose, the silver tongued pied-pipers pompous betrayal always proceeds self-prophecy. Thus, remaining clueless absolute, whilst continuing to spin their will of centrifugal unity. 

Will, will never win, when the wind wields without the willingness to be wheeled – in the wrights direction.

– Reginald