Karen, a Black Man, and a Police Officer walks into a bar . . .

Let this image sink in for five seconds. One, two, three, four, and five. Ok, remember the mental image you’ve created upon reading the title.  

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

One day Karen, a black man, and a police officer, almost simultaneously walk into a bar that fell from an overhead street sign, ultimately blocking the sidewalk. No one was injured but this large bar was clearly a problem. No worries, a maintenance repairman was immediately notified about the bar falling off its overhead hinges. The only problem was, this guy started up on the opposite pole across the street! Utterly confused, the black man yells “excuse me, this bar over hear is the one that needs repairing!” No response.   

Then Karen, the store owner of Karen’s Kinder-Kare, right out of the blue, rushes across the street, and yells “hey nitwit! I’m the one who called you about the fallen bar! Why are you on the opposite side of the street?” Again, the guy gives no answer. By now the police officer walks over, orders the repairman down from the ladder, and says “sir, please remove your ear buds, what’s the problem? The downed bar is on the other side of the street-walk, and its jeopardizing the safety of pedestrians.”  

The man replies hilariously, “I know! I was literally just looking at all those idiots, standing around gawking and staring at it! I mean really, get over it!” The officer replied “ok, so you see the issue, go fix the problem, being that’s the immediate matter requiring your attention.” The guy rebuttals, “no can do, officer!”   

Now agitated, the officer say’s “and why is that?” The guy’s answer was sarcastically astonishing! He said “well first of all, all bars matter, not just the broken ones, and secondly, I’m just a guy who climbed a ladder to record video for my social-media post, being I thought you were about to arrest that black man for jaywalking! Sorry for the misunderstanding.” -End (intuitive) Joke.  

The moral . . .  

“Misunderstandings are often fueled, by the images created from biased ideologies.”  

So, the question beckons, are you somewhat a little biased? Would someone afflicted, who doesn’t look like you consider your bias, understandings, satire or opinions racist? What image did you give Karen in the title? Was the officer a white male? What face did you give the black man, how was he dressed? How about the nationality of the guy, who climbed the ladder for a social media post?   

Think About it.  

Reginald O’Neal Gibson