Lies upon lies and fears upon induced fears fuel the flames of the unaware until ash becomes one’s mindset. In this, if you allow the well to run dry, dust holds no resilience over the forced winds of deceit. 

No one is without a living well in which to drink. As such, if the devil offers you a glass of water, don’t drink; least you plan on staying. Know that prudence has risen to quench one’s thirst but first, you must guard your mind against the influences of the wicked; Don’t drink!

Want more clarification? Here are three points to ponder:

Fear-based tactics are the art of war in its incubation period.

When you find yourself choosing sides, you’ve unintentionally walked off the cliff of your salvation.

Due to attrition, one may think they have an informed opinion, but what is thought within the absence of mind?

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

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